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The radiator is a crucial component of your vehicle. It’s an integral part of the cooling system. But how can you tell if something is wrong with it? Most drivers are not aware of radiator warning signs. The radiator may seem alien to you if you’re not a trained technician. But it shouldn’t be.

There are several symptoms that you could experience when your radiator is malfunctioning. Some of the typical radiator warning signs are listed below.

Excessive Engine Heat
Excessive engine heat is one of the most common radiator warning signs. A broken thermostat is the most likely root of the problem. If it no longer opens, you will have an overheating engine that will eventually break down.

One of the easiest radiator warning signs to watch out for is a leak under your car. Your coolant is probably leaking if you see yellow, red, or green fluid under your car. If there’s a leak in your radiator, then your coolant level will drop. Thus, your engine can get too hot if there isn’t sufficient coolant to dissipate the heat.

The radiator is metal or plastic. Since plastic isn’t as robust as metal, it tends to be brittle and can break easily. This is why leaks occur.

Shifting Problems
If your transmission cooler is built-in, coolant that gets into the fluid can cause shifting problems. The system’s flaws and weaknesses are the cause of this issue.

Tarnished Fluid
Car coolant usually has a bright color, such as yellow and green. Sometimes, you can have a pink or red coolant. The coolant freely moves between the radiator and the coolant channels.

Sludge and deposits can taint the coolant in a broken radiator, making it rusty or appear like oil.

Check the color of your coolant overflow tank. Your coolant can also become thicker if it’s polluted. A thick coolant can result in a hampered flow and even a clogged radiator. If your fluid is tarnished, the best solution is a radiator flush.

Obstructed Exterior Fins
Your car needs maximum airflow for proper radiator cooling. The front-running, narrow tubes that look like fins carry the heated coolant away from the motor. Air flows on the fins while the car runs, reducing the coolant’s temperature.

Airflow may be hampered if the fins get clogged with dirt, leaves, or bugs. As a result, the coolant won’t be able to cool down as it needs to. To keep the air moving smoothly, you can use a garden hose to clean your radiator.

Your Heater Is Not Working
One of the telltale radiator warning signs is an ineffective heater. The hot coolant that flows through the core is what powers your cabin heater. It creates the heated air that goes into your car. You won’t have the heat you require if you have a leaking or clogged radiator.

If you see any of these radiator warning signs, you should bring your vehicle to Jiffy Lube. There’s no need for you to call to schedule an appointment. Just bring your car to any of our branches.

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