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Dashboard warning lights

If you are driving around and notice one of your dashboard warning lights go on, do not ignore it. You shouldn’t panic, but you shouldn’t wait to see what happens. You will want to get to the root of the problem immediately so that you can resolve it. Jiffy Lube can help with this, but the following will give you a better idea of what the lights mean. 

Anti-lock Brake System

If the ABS warning light turns on, you have an issue with your anti-lock braking system. This requires immediate attention to prevent an accident. 

Battery Light

You can recognize the battery warning light by the image of a battery with negative and positive nodes. This light indicates that the voltage system in your battery is low or not working properly. Get immediate service to avoid a dead battery. 

You may also notice a battery charge warning light, which means there is an issue with the terminal, battery, alternator, or alternator drive belt. 

Brake Fluid or Brake System Light

Expect the brake light to turn on when you have the handbrake activated. This is normal and not a concern. But if it turns on in other situations, have Jiffy Lube technicians inspect the brakes and brake fluid. 

Check Engine Light

This is one of the best-known dashboard warning lights. It indicates an issue with your engine. It may be minor or major, so you need to have mechanics inspect your car ASAP. 

Engine Oil Level

The engine oil level dashboard warning lights are usually an engine with oil dropping out. If this turns on, you may need an oil change, or your car oil might be leaking. 

EPAS (Power Steering Warning Light)

If this warning light illuminates, it indicates an issue with your auto’s steering system. 

Front Airbag Light

If this turns on, something is wrong with the airbags. Resolve the issue immediately to stay safe in case of a collision. 

Heat Warning Light

Your engine is overheating if a red thermometer appears among the dashboard warning lights. Pull over immediately and open your hood. Do not drive your car, as this can cause serious damage. You need a tow truck. 

High Beam Lights

This isn’t one of the dashboard warning lights. It is just an indicator to let you know your flood lights or high beams are on. 

Overdrive Indicator

This isn’t a warning. It lets you know that the overdrive is off. This means your automatic transmission will optimize performance instead of efficiency. 

Tire Pressure Sensor Warning Light

These dashboard warning lights are usually an exclamation point. If it is on, at least one of your tires is under-inflated. This can lead to a blowout and can also hurt efficiency. It’s a safety risk. 

Traction Control

This light isn’t a warning; it lets you know the traction control system is engaged. 

Windshield Washer Fluid Light

If this light turns on, buy some washer fluid, and refill the reservoir. Failing to do so can make it hard to keep your windows clean, hurting visibility. 

Check Your Warning Lights at Jiffy Lube

No matter which warning lights turn on, you should have an expert inspect your auto to ensure there are no problems. Schedule service at Jiffy Lube and let our technicians diagnose and correct the issue causing the warning light.

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