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Maintenance Done While In Your Car

Is it time for an oil change? Do you need to have your fluids checked? Are you worried about your battery? All of these maintenance items are things that can be done without the need for you to get out of your car, but many times they aren’t done this way. Typically, when you visit a service station, you’re required to get out of your car and wait in their designated waiting area. This can be an uncomfortable situation for you, especially right now with the threat of the Coronavirus looming everywhere we go.

Have You Seen the Waiting Areas?

Unless you’re having your maintenance, items handled at your local dealership, and if you are, you’re paying too much, you’re more likely to find a cramped, dirty, uncomfortable, and run-down area that has been ignored for far too long. This is the waiting area that’s designed for you to spend your time while the service team works on your vehicle. You would certainly be more comfortable if they would allow you to stay in your car during the waiting period.  Thankfully, there is an alternative for you.

The Right Alternative for Your Car Service Waiting Time

If you take your car to a location with a waiting area that has become the afterthought described above, are you likely to return with your vehicle when you need to have maintenance service performed again?  Probably not, what you need is an alternative. The place you can go that will allow you to stay in your car during service that needs to take place under your hood is Jiffy Lube®. You can pull in and have the oil change completed, fluids checked and filled, or have your battery replaced while you wait inside your car.

The Right Waiting Room for You

Instead of exposing yourself to others who might be carrying a deadly virus or trying to figure out why all the vinyl seats in the waiting room are covered in duct tape, you can enjoy the wait during your automotive service right from the comfort of your car.  Jiffy Lube® allows you to stay in your car when you need services performed that won’t require the vehicle to be lifted off the ground. This means you get to be comfortable, relaxed, and in your environment while your vehicle is being cared for.

Get Back on the Roads in a Jiffy

The name says it all and you’ll be pleased with how quickly you can get in and out of the service bays at your local Jiffy Lube® location. If all you need is an oil change, why do you need to step out of the vehicle to have this done?  If you’re simply trying to make sure your fluids are topped off before a long road trip, why should you get out of the vehicle?  Jiffy Lube® offers an alternative and makes it easy for you to experience their expert service while you stay in your car; come see this team today.

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