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Technician adding PSF

As you drive, turning the steering wheel freely and easily is essential. Fortunately, the power steering fluid helps this function. Turning the wheel requires less effort, thanks to the pressurized hydraulic fluid that enhances the force inside the steering system. If leaks or wear and tear reduce the amount of fluid in your car, it will be harder to turn the wheel and control the vehicle. Luckily, there are signs showing that you need to take your car to Jiffy Lube to address low fluid issues.

You See Leaks

One obvious clue that your car has a power steering fluid problem is if you see any leaks coming from the vehicle. The fluid is reddish, but it can also turn a darker maroon. You may see the fluid under the car as you pull out of your garage or from a parking spot. It may appear as an oily liquid. If you see this, take your vehicle to Jiffy Lube for the technicians to inspect and address.

More Effort Required to Steer

When the power steering is working properly, you won’t have to put forth much effort to turn the wheel. However, when the power steering fluid is low or has dirt, debris, or sludge, it’ll be much more difficult to steer, even at low speeds. As you try, the wheel will feel heavy. And as you navigate sharp corners or do a U-turn, you’ll have to work a lot harder than usual. Normal steering is much more difficult to perform. Take your car to Jiffy Lube so the team can inspect the fluid.

Odd Noises When You Steer

Often, your ears will detect car problems. You may hear unusual sounds coming from various parts of the car when issues are present. It’s no different with the power steering fluid. When there are issues with the power steering fluid, you may hear squealing noises whenever you turn the wheel. If this had happened, the steering pump could also have been damaged. When there is no fluid, the pump won’t have the lubrication it needs. It will grind against other components, producing the sounds at the wheel. At Jiffy Lube, technicians can recommend repairs to the steering pump or other necessary maintenance.

Steering Wheel Vibrations

If you have ever experienced a vibrating steering wheel, a few culprits could be responsible. Often, the wheels are not aligned properly when this occurs. However, the shaking you feel could be low pressure from the power steering’s hydraulics system. When there is low power steering fluid, it may most affect the steering system at high speeds. The next time you stop by Jiffy Lube, let a technician inspect the fluid and see whether this is causing the vibrations.

Your car needs power steering fluid for safe driving and ease at the wheel. Visit the nearest Jiffy Lube branch today, so your car can get a clean bill of health.