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You Don’t have to Wait Long for an Oil Change

Owning a vehicle comes with the challenge of maintenance costs to keep that vehicle working right. Nothing is truer than the fact that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” when it comes to having a vehicle that you drive every day. This means you can pay a little bit at a time along the way to make sure your car runs right or pay a large sum later when you either have to replace major components or buy another vehicle.

You can Put Off the Oil Change; Right?

The manufacturer recommends you have an oil change performed every 3000-5000 miles based on how heavy the traffic is that you drive in every day. The time has come to get an oil change, but this week is scheduled too tight; you can do it next week right? Next week doesn’t seem much better and you’re going to put off your oil change for another week. Another week comes and goes without that oil change. Soon, you’ll have driven more than double the recommended distance between oil changes, which is awful for your vehicle.

Oil Breaks Down, Get it Replaced

Engine oil works to lubricate metal parts that are moving at extremely high rates of speed inside your engine. This lubrication allows the engine to continue to work properly.  The oil also cools these parts to avoid swelling which could cause your engine to seize. The oil is one of the most important fluids in your vehicle and needs to be properly cared for. When you wait too long to have an oil change performed, you’re taking a chance and could cause irreparable damage to your engine.

The Right Place Can Change Oil Quickly

If the reason you haven’t gotten your oil changed is that you need to make an appointment, wait for a couple of hours, and schedule some time away from work just to get the job done, there is a solution. For the quick oil change you need, visit your local Jiffy Lube® location today. You can simply get in line and let your car be cared for without an appointment. The Jiffy Lube® team can change the oil and check all your fluids without you having to get out of your vehicle.  The name says it all.

Make the Right Decision

Oil changes are one of the most common forms of vehicle service and we all know they need to be done regularly. You’re spending thousands of dollars on your vehicle, don’t let something as simple and affordable as an oil change to cause you to spend thousands more for a new vehicle or an engine replacement. The Jiffy Lube® team will get your oil changed quickly and make it easy for you to keep on driving. You can visit this team on your off day or when you’ve got a lunch break and not miss out on any work while ensuring your oil change is done at the right time.

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