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Can You Take your Luxury Vehicle to Jiffy Lube®?

The short answer is “of course, you can” and a better question would be “why wouldn’t you be able to take your luxury ride to Jiffy Lube®?” The team you’ll find at your local Jiffy Lube® store is trained to perform service vehicles of every make and model including luxury vehicles. While there may be some differences between brands, you can save more and enjoy the quality service offered at your nearby Jiffy Lube® location, even when you drive a luxury vehicle.

What Makes the Difference?

The luxury vehicle you drive might be more expensive than most, but that doesn’t mean it works much differently. You still have an engine, four wheels, a set of brakes, headlights, windshield wipers, and several other items that can all be cared for at Jiffy Lube®. Your vehicle might be tuned to perform better than most, drive smoother than others, and give you more features to enjoy during your ride, but the basic workings are the same. This is where Jiffy Lube® excels and can offer you the care and service you need when it’s time to have your routine service performed.

Your Warranty is Protected

If you’re concerned about the service offered for luxury vehicles at Jiffy Lube® because you’re not sure if the service records will be kept, you don’t have to worry.  Jiffy Lube® adheres to the same standards as the dealership where you purchased your luxury vehicle.  The team at Jiffy Lube® will ensure the service performed is logged in their computer system to help you keep your warranty intact.  Feel comfortable and confident when you let the Jiffy Lube® team offer the care needed to keep your luxury vehicle driving the right way.

Compare the Differences

You might have received a portion of your scheduled maintenance as part of the price you pay for your vehicle. Once this service term is over, how much are you spending to have services performed on your luxury vehicle? Compare the price of an oil change, tire rotation, A/C service, and filter replacement between the luxury car dealership and Jiffy Lube®. You’re going to quickly find out that the Jiffy Lube® price is the best price for you. Add some of the coupons offered to the savings you’ll experience and you can enjoy the professional service at Jiffy Lube® at an even lower price.

Pull In, Get Serviced, Drive Away

What do you need to do to have your luxury vehicle cared for at the dealership?  Do you need to make an appointment for something as simple as an oil change? You won’t need to make an appointment or wait long at all when you see the Jiffy Lube® team. Pull up and into the service bay, let the Jiffy Lube® team get to work, and then drive away after the service has been completed. Most appointments can be done during your lunch hour; can your luxury dealer say the same?

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