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jiffy lube cares

Jiffy Lube prides itself on helping the local community, including non-profits. When Jiffy Lube sees a sign for volunteers needed, it steps up to the plate. This is part of its give-back benefit, which offers benefits for local non-profits.

Get to Know Jiffy Lube Cares

As an individual, there is only so much you can do to help your local community. You can respond to a volunteers needed sign by donating your time or money. But Jiffy Lube is equipped to do more.

With Jiffy Lube Cares, we offer discounts on vehicle maintenance for local organizations. We also offer in-kind donations when vehicle maintenance isn’t the best answer. Our give-back benefit can adapt to meet the needs of local non-profits.

How the Program Works

Joining the Program

To join the program, all an organization needs to do is provide its mission and name.

You can easily apply by filling out the application form or sending an email.

Members Get Discount Cards

Once your organization is approved, all members will receive a discount card for Jiffy Lube Cares.

When it comes time for vehicle maintenance, your members only need to present their cards. They get a discount on their oil change.

We also offer the further give-back benefit of donating $3 back from each of these transactions. That donation is there to support your mission further.

Jiffy Lube’s Do More Campaign

Jiffy Lube Cares is far from the only way the company gives back and responds to situations with volunteers needed. The Do More campaign is yet another way. This goes even further with direct efforts and encouraging others to do their part.

As part of the Do More campaign, Jiffy Lube looks for volunteers in their local community. Those who respond to the plea for volunteers needed will get to take advantage of the company’s give-back benefit.

This comes in the form of a year of free vehicle maintenance services. Jiffy Lube offers this benefit to local volunteers who use their vehicles as part of their volunteering efforts.

One example is helping volunteers who deliver meals. Another is helping those who drive cancer patients to their treatment at the hospital.

To further encourage volunteers, Jiffy Lube keeps a list of some of the charities they work with on their Do More website. You can find volunteer opportunities across the country.

Support Jiffy Lube and Its Efforts

When you get your vehicle maintenance taken care of at Jiffy Lube, you are helping to support these programs that give back to the community. Jiffy Lube also encourages you to find local volunteer opportunities if you have some free time. You may even be eligible for a year of vehicle maintenance as a give-back benefit for your thoughtfulness and effort.

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