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Jiffy Lube® Cares About SUPPORTING our Community

You know about the work Jiffy Lube® offers for your vehicle. You may even have your car serviced by your local Jiffy Lube® team whenever it’s time for an oil change or other service. What you might not be aware of is the commitment to the local community that your Jiffy Lube® team offers. For many years, Jiffy Lube® has been a partner in every community they serve. This makes for an amazing partnership between a well-respected name and several great organizations in the area they serve.

Jiffy Lube® Partners With the Boys & Girls Club Of Broward County

The Boys & Girls Club is a national organization that’s made to provide girls and boys with diverse after school and summer activities. Parents need to work to provide for kids and many kids don’t have a parent waiting at home to greet them or help them make use of their time and energy. The Boys & Girls Club provides this necessary outlet. Jiffy Lube® has supported this organization through fundraising, events, and volunteer efforts. The kids that participate in activities at the Boys & Girls Club of Broward County are the future and that future is bright.

Supporting The Healthcare District Of Palm Beach County

The Healthcare District of Palm Beach County is an organization that’s goal is to provide necessary and preventative care to those in need. There are many residents of the area that can’t afford private insurance and prescriptions. This organization makes healthcare accessible by providing the necessary services to this community. Jiffy Lube® has been an instrumental partner in raising funds for this healthcare organization through service discounts, matched donations, and volunteer events. Jiffy Lube® is a proud partner with the Healthcare District of Palm Beach County.

Partnering With the Salvation Army the Jiffy Lube® Way

Whether it’s through bellringing during the holidays or creating fundraising events, Jiffy Lube® has been an instrumental partner of the local Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is an organization made to offer assistance to those in need and support for disaster relief programs. Whether it’s funding that’s needed to keep the lights on for a struggling family or collecting food donations for the food banks run by the Salvation Army, this organization does important work to bring hope to many who might not have much.

Keeping the Smiles Bright at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

The patients of the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital rely on the generosity of the community and businesses in the area to support their needs. As a comprehensive care facility designed to give ailing children the care needed without charging the families for the cost, this hospital relies on partners like Jiffy Lube®. They’ve partnered with Joe DiMaggio for many years, and continue to provide generous donations for this great cause. Many of the employees at Jiffy Lube® have volunteered at the hospital to help keep smiles on the faces of the kids being cared for.

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