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Work with an Organization that Cares

Some companies have locations all around the country, others only have a few in a local area.  We all have a responsibility to work toward a better world, no matter what we think looks like. Jiffy Lube® is a company that falls into the first category with locations all around the country. The Jiffy Lube® Cares program is a way that you can help Jiffy Lube® give back to the community and make a huge difference in the lives of those that need a bit of help.

Do Good During Your Oil Change

Do you need to have an oil change? At some point when you’re driving around, you’re going to need to have an oil change completed for your vehicle. Why not use the oil change to receive a discount and a donation toward the organization you support? With the Jiffy Lube® Cares program, you can do both and enjoy the right service for your vehicle. Improve the community you share with the team at Jiffy Lube® by making use of the Cares program that will give you the support you’re looking for.

How Does the Jiffy Lube® Cares Program Work?

There are only a few small steps you need to take to allow your organization to become part of the Jiffy Lube® Cares Program. Here’s an outline of what they are:

  1. Join the Jiffy Lube® Cares Program. You do this by providing the name and mission of your organization to Jiffy Lube® when you apply.
  2. Once approved, you will receive discount cards for all members of your organization to use at any Jiffy Lube® location.
  3. The card is good for a discount for oil change services, which is the most common service your vehicle needs.
  4. After each service, a donation of $3.00 is made to support the mission of the organization.

Build Your Fundraising Through Jiffy Lube®

If you knew that you were going to receive $3.00 every time a member went to Jiffy Lube® for a discounted oil change, how strong would your fundraising become? What does your organization need to accomplish? With the assistance of the Jiffy Lube® Cares program, you can easily improve your fundraising and know that you’re going to reach your goals much sooner.  With better fundraising, you can do more in your community.

Enjoy the Community Focus of a Large Organization

When you need to raise funds for a food pantry, homeless shelter, school, church, or other supportive organization, you want the support and backing of a large company with nationwide reach. Often, this is difficult to secure, but with the Jiffy Lube® Cares program, the support you need is easier to obtain than ever before.  Help those that need it and support your community with one of the Jiffy Lube® Cares discount cards that will make it much simpler for you to reach the goals you’ve set for the good you want to do in your area.

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