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There’s a Hurricane a Comin’

Hurricanes cause a great deal of damage all over coastal areas every year. The typical hurricane season lasts from the end of June until the beginning of November and each one seems to have its uniqueness to it. While we might all feel differently about how to survive a hurricane, there are some things you need to do with your car to make sure you’re ready to when the storm makes landfall.

Maintenance is Key

Hopefully, you’ve maintained your vehicle according to the owner’s manual. If you haven’t, it might be costly to catch up on some items right before a storm, but other items need to be checked before a hurricane making landfall. Here’s a checklist to assist you:

  1. Check the Maintenance Items – Your vehicle requires regular maintenance and it’s a good idea to simply double-check what needs to be cared for in your car.  Pay special attention to your tires, since they are the only item that contacts the road.
  2. Check All Fluid Levels and Fill – If you’re in between service appointments, some of the fluids your car uses might need to be topped off.  Make sure this is done and check the battery charge at the same time.
  3. Replace Windshield Wipers- Unless you had your wipers replaced during your last maintenance appointment, you should replace the blades before the hurricane hits.  There’s a chance you might be driving in the storm.
  4. Fill the Tires – If your tires are in good shape make sure they are properly inflated in case you need to drive in the storm when the hurricane arrives.  This is one of the most important items of your car and they need to get you around safely.

All of these items can be handled by your local Jiffy Lube® team. Stop by and let them know you want a complete check-up performed to make sure your ride is ready for the hurricane to arrive.

Be Prepared for Evacuation

Even if you don’t plan to evacuate during a hurricane, you might be ordered to do so.  If this happens, you want to ensure you have everything you need ready to go so that you can leave quickly. These items can help you be ready to go:

  1. Call Your Insurance and Take Photos – Check with your insurance carrier to make sure you have hurricane coverage and take photos of the exterior and interior of your vehicle to show the condition of the vehicle if you need to file a claim.
  2. Fill the Gas Tank – Gas might be in short supply once the hurricane arrives.  Fill the gas tank and any gas cans that you have so that you have enough gas to evacuate if necessary.
  3. Remove External Accessories – If you use a bike rack or other external items that can be removed from your vehicle, take it off and store it safely away.
  4. Prepare a Bag- Put a bag together with essentials that you’ll need in the event of evacuation so that you can leave quickly and get out of the path of the storm.
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