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Happy Jiffy Lube Employees

At Jiffy Lube® we make our employees a priority, and happy employees mean happy customers

The Winning Formula at Jiffy Lube®

We all have a job to do. We trade our time, expertise, and energy for a paycheck every day. Whether you’re the owner of a company and trying to make profits with services offered or you’re one of the newest employees in a company and you’re working hourly for a paycheck, there is an expectation of you for the money you get paid. Some might think this is enough to make sure employees are happy, but Jiffy Lube® would disagree.

Jiffy Lube® Shows Employee Appreciation Every Month

Raises come and go and often make you feel good for a short time until your budget eats up the little bit of money you make above what you had before. Jiffy Lube® understands you have to do more than just offer employees more money, you need to offer them recognition, thanks, and appreciation as often as possible. This is why they have their Monthly Jiffy Lube® Spotlight which showcases one employee every month to recognize their efforts and the work they put into the job they do every day.

The October Spotlight from Jiffy Lube®

In October, Jiffy Lube® honored the work and energy of Kezia Gomez. She has been with Jiffy Lube® for 15 years and has been one of the leaders in the team in Broward County. Kezia is an impressive employee and a leader among her peers. She excels at taking customer service to the next level and accepting every challenge with a smile. She helped one of the store managers earn the Jiffy Lube® International’s President’s Award, which certainly puts her in the lead to be spotlighted. Kezia is one of the many employees that are happy to work for Jiffy Lube®.

The November Spotlight Brings Another Star

November was the month to honor the work and service of Fronel Borde. Fronel is an energetic team member who often comes in early and stays late to make sure the job is done and done the right way. His customer service skills are amazing, and he has a customer base that regularly requests him as their Jiffy Lube® service provider. After 19 years of service at Jiffy Lube®, Fronel has become a staple in his community and is certainly worthy of celebration and of being the Jiffy Lube® Spotlight employee.

How Do You Think These Employees Feel?

Employees know their efforts don’t go unnoticed, rather they are put in the Spotlight at Jiffy Lube®. This really shows the employees that the company cares about them and all the effort they put into making Jiffy Lube® a better place for everyone. With happy employees working at Jiffy Lube® it’s no wonder there are so many happy customers that enjoy coming back time and time again. Visit a Jiffy Lube® service center today, and see for yourself.

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