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Did You Forget Something?

As the second-largest investment most of us make in our lives, the car we drive is extremely important to us. When you drive, you’re causing wear and tear on the moving parts of the vehicle, and these parts can wear down and break over time. Thankfully, most automakers have a service schedule included in the owner’s manual that you’re supposed to follow, but when you don’t, bad things can happen. If you forget to service your vehicle, you’ll be in for a very costly surprise that you might not be prepared for.

Is Smoking Coming From Under Your Hood?

One sign that something is seriously wrong with your vehicle is when smoke starts billowing from under the hood of your car. This is a sign the engine has overheated, can be low or empty on some fluids, or that a hose has burst.  If you’ve failed to have your vehicle serviced regularly, you have likely caused the smoke because your car is out of oil, coolant, or the worn pipes have broken and need to be replaced. Hopefully, your negligence won’t cost you a lot to fix.

Is the Check Engine Light Flashing on Your Dashboard?

When driving down the road, if the check engine light starts flashing at you, it’s time to figure out what’s wrong with your vehicle. There’s a good chance you have a problem with the emissions system and could have damage to your catalytic converter or another part of the vehicle. If you haven’t had your car in for service for a long time, it’s hard to say what the problem could be. When this light begins to flash, you better hope your engine, that you’ve ignored, will survive long enough to get you to the service station.

Are You Having Transmission Issues?

The transmission of your vehicle is one of the most important parts of the car. This item attaches to the engine and brings the power from the engine to the wheels. You are supposed to have the fluid changed at specified mileage intervals and should have it looked at regularly. Unfortunately, if you’ve failed to bring your vehicle in for service or maintenance for a long time, the only sign of trouble might be if the transmission fails you. When this happens, you’ll likely need a tow to your nearest service station and then have to pay the high price of a new or refurbished transmission, all because you ignored your vehicle.

The Solution to Your Vehicle Troubles

Rather than ignoring your vehicle and forgetting about the maintenance it needs, you can turn to a team that can give you the service you need and makes sure you spend as little time as possible at their location. Let the team at your local Jiffy Lube® location handle all your scheduled maintenance to help you ensure your vehicle will continue to drive the right way. Doing this will ensure you can confidently drive your vehicle for a long time.

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