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woman replenishing car fluids with bottom text that says Free Oil Top Offs

Does Everyone Offer a Free Top-Off Policy?

What is a free top-off policy? This is the policy you’ll find that’s part of the Jiffy Lube® signature oil service program. When you have your oil changed at any of our Jiffy Lube® locations, you’ll be glad to have this service as part of the program. Ask around, you might get laughed at, but you’ll have a hard time finding other service companies that offer a free-top off service, let alone actually putting it in writing like we do. This is just another way that our team stands out as the right one for your vehicle.

Why Do You Need to Top-Off Your Vehicle Fluids?

The fluids your vehicle uses are consumable. Everything from the engine oil to the windshield washer fluid can be used up, evaporated, and dispelled from your vehicle. It’s important to keep your fluids at the right levels to ensure your vehicle operates effectively when you drive. This means that between oil changes, you need to add a little of each of these fluids to your vehicle to make sure you can ride with confidence when you’re out on the road.

How Does the Free Top-Off Policy Work?

Bring your vehicle to any of our Jiffy Lube® locations for a Jiffy Lube® Signature Service Oil Change and we will fill the other fluids of your vehicle. These other items include the motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, differential/transfer case fluid, and windshield washer fluid. You’ll drive away knowing your fluids are full and you can drive with confidence for several miles. In between service times, you can stop by and our team will top off these fluids, as needed, to ensure you continue to have everything working right during your drive.

What are the Details of this Service?

The free top-off policy we offer at Jiffy Lube® has specific parameters for you. Stop by within 3,000 miles of the original service and our team will top off up to 2 quarts of any of these fluids as needed. If you need motor oil added, it will have to be the same type of oil that was purchased at the time of service. This makes it easy for you to keep your vehicle running right and make sure you can be on the road in a vehicle that has all the fluids at the right level.

This is the Right Service for You

You won’t find other service centers that offer to top-off your fluids in between services, but you will find this at any of our Jiffy Lube® locations. Just ask to take advantage of the free top-off policy and our team will put more of the fluids you need into your vehicle. This is a great way to make sure you always have windshield washer fluid, never run low on oil, or have enough power steering fluid to drive with confidence wherever you need to go