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Mechanic working on brakes on vehicle

From inspecting brake pads to brake replacements, Jiffy Lube offers a full range of brake services. While you have our technicians look at your brakes every year or 12,000 miles, you also want to be on the alert for any symptoms that something may be wrong. If you find yourself wondering why is my car squeaking, then schedule service. In addition to a squeaking noise, there are some other warning signs to look out for. 

Why Is My Car Squeaking? We’ll Find the Answer

One of the most common symptoms that you need brake services is a squeaking noise. If you wonder why is my car squeaking, there are a few possible answers, and our capable technicians will get to the root of the problem and correct it. 

Worn Brakes

If you notice the squealing or squeaking noise when you hit the brakes, you likely need new brake pads. Don’t put off replacing the brake pads, as this can put your safety at risk. It can also lead to excessive wear of other brake components to the point that you need full brake replacements. 

Loose Belts

Those who ask us why is my car squeaking but not while braking, the most common explanation is a loose belt. The serpentine or fan belt is a common culprit. The belt drives your power steering, air conditioning, alternator, water pump, and more. The good news is that we can quickly diagnose this cause of a squeaking noise. For reference, you are most likely to notice it during acceleration. 

Power Steering Issues

Another possible cause is issues with your power steering system. This is likely the problem if you notice the squeaking noise when you turn your steering wheel. Specifically, you may have a power steering leak. 

Other Symptoms You Need Brake Service

Squeaking noises may be an indication that you need new brake pads or brake replacements, but it may also indicate something else. The following are some other symptoms that you need our technicians to check your brakes: 

Thin Brake Pads

If your brake pads are thin, you need this taken care of immediately. You can’t tell they are thin without looking at them, but you can actually see your brake pads through your wheels’ spokes. Or listen for the squealing of the warning indicator. 

Squealing Noises

Speaking of squealing noises, the fact that you hear a high-pitched squeal when you need brake replacements for the pads is intentional. This is an industry-standard measure that ensures you know when your pads need replacement. 


If you notice your brake pedal vibrating even if ABS isn’t engaged, this is another symptom that we need to look at your brakes. It likely indicates you have warped rotors. 

Poor Brake Performance

It should go without saying that if your brakes aren’t working as expected, this is one of the biggest symptoms that you need brake service. 

Other Warning Signs

Some of the other symptoms that your brakes need attention include puddles on the driveway, loud metallic sounds, pulling, and warning lights. 

Let Jiffy Lube Handle Your Brake Service

When you start asking, “Why is my car squeaking?” it’s best to schedule a brake service at a Jiffy Lube branch near you. From brake replacements to minor repairs, we are here to help. 


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