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When your car is pulling to one side or the other, you’ve got yourself in a dangerous situation. It’s time for you to see our team at Jiffy Lube® and take advantage of the Multicare® service program to put your car back in alignment. You don’t want to fight with your car when you’re driving and part of that can be dealing with a vehicle that’s out of alignment. If you think this isn’t a big deal, keep reading and learn more.

Your Alignment Affects Other Areas of Your Car

When you drive a vehicle that pulls to one side or the other, you’re putting more stress on the steering system than you should be. Our vehicles are made to drive in a fairly straight line without the need to make many adjustments during the drive. A car out of alignment will also put more stress on the tires and they will wear unevenly and wear down much faster than they should. These are only a couple of the ways your vehicle is being put under undue stress when it’s out of alignment.

Driving Can Be Dangerous When out of Alignment

When you have to fight your car to drive straight, it becomes more difficult for you to predict how your car is going to steer when you need to make a turn. As you wear down the tires, you might not be able to turn as well as you want and might end up in a situation where your car fails you because it’s out of alignment. Eliminating driver pain points is important and your alignment is the focus for February to help you drive right and have a car that will get you to your destination safely.

We Can Straighten You Out; Come See Our Jiffy Lube® Team

There are several factors that can cause alignment issues. A simple solution is to let our Jiffy Lube® Multicare® team help you get down to the root cause. Our highly trained staff will fix your vehicle alignment and have your car driving straight once again. Our precision alignment racks and trained technicians will get your car back on the road, making driving safer and easier for you.

Have Your Alignment Checked Today

If you’ve driven on rough roads or hit a pothole, you might notice a difference in the steering of your vehicle. When this happens, see our team at Jiffy Lube® and we’ll take care of your alignment needs. You don’t need to put up with the pain of a car that doesn’t steer straight for you, visit us and we’ll get your car fixed right away. At Jiffy Lube®, we have the experts you trust and can get the job done in a jiffy.

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