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Oil Change Coupons

Taking care of your car doesn’t have to break your budget. Jiffy Lube makes it easy to change your engine oil and save money. Thanks to $15 off any Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change.

This is a great choice if you want a stay in car oil change and aren’t happy with the answer to how much is an oil change at other mechanics near me.

What Our Oil Change Includes

Availing our Signature Service Oil Change does much more than give you a stay in car oil change. You pay our technicians to change your engine oil, but you also get additional services.

The answer to how much is an oil change near me will also give you comprehensive preventative maintenance. Our technicians inspect, fill, flush, check, clean, and change various essential systems in your vehicle.

During your engine oil change, we complete a visual checklist. This lets our technicians spot potential problems at your stay in car oil change. That, in turn, prevents the issues from getting worse. That is important as worse problems tend to take longer and be more expensive to fix.

What We Change

During the Signature Oil Change, we change your oil filter and your engine oil. We can even help you determine which engine oil makes the most sense for your vehicle.

What We Clean

Once your stay in car oil change is done, you will notice that your interior floors have been vacuumed. We also clean your exterior windows.

What We Inspect

The Jiffy Lube oil change also includes inspecting all of the following:

Wiper blades
Brake fluid levels (if you have a transparent reservoir)
Antifreeze or coolant reservoir levels
Serpentine belts
Engine air filtration system
Chassis (and lubricating it)
Exterior lights

What We Check and Fill

Whether you wait in the lobby for opt for a stay in car oil change our technicians will check and fill:

Tire pressure
Battery water (unless your battery is sealed)
Windshield washer fluid
Power steering fluid
Transmission/transaxle fluid
Differential/transfer case fluid

Get an Excellent Value

This means that when you ask how much is an oil change near me, you should also consider the value. You already get $15 off your oil service. But you are also likely to save money by preventing the need for future repairs.

Get Your Oil Change at Jiffy Lube

With our $15 off coupon code, the answer to how much is an oil change near me is even more affordable than you expect. Visit your local Jiffy Lube to take advantage of these savings. Our technicians also add value to the service by inspecting your car. We even clean and refill key areas of your car. Keep Jiffy Lube in mind for more than just oil changes; we offer a full range of services.