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woman looking at jiffy lube coupon on phone with bottom text saying Discounts at Jiffy Lube

You Can Always Count on a Discount at Jiffy Lube®

“But Wait, There’s More!” You’ve heard this shouted at you through the TV with some new product being presented to you. This is how you can feel when you have services completed at any of our Jiffy Lube® locations. You’ll be able to count on a discount at Jiffy Lube® every time you stop by. In fact, the more services you have completed, the more you’re going to save when you let our team get to work and keep you on the road.

What Kind of Discounts Should You Expect?

The most common service you need is an oil change. This happens to be the Signature Service of our Jiffy Lube® team and it can be done quickly. Even though we already offer one of the most affordable oil change prices in the business, you’ll love that you can save more when you have this service done. Regardless of the type of oil you select, you’ll receive $15 off the price when you use one of the coupon codes with your service. This discount takes a price that’s already low and makes it even more affordable for you.

But Wait, There’s More!

Yes, we’re using that line again to grab your attention. There is more for you when you visit any of our Jiffy Lube® locations. If you have more than one service performed, you can save more. Go ahead and enjoy that $15 off the Signature Oil Change Service but add more discounts with additional services. If you need your tires rotated, brakes replaced, or wiper blades changed, you’ll receive an additional ten percent off of the additional service. All of the many services we offer are eligible for this additional discount.

Count On a Discount at Jiffy Lube®

Are your headlights looking dim? Do you want your air conditioner to work better? Is it time to have new tires put on your vehicle? You can easily count on a discount at Jiffy Lube® when you see our team and add one of these services to the mix. Have your coolant checked, filters replaced, battery replaced, belts changed, or engine serviced and you’ll enjoy the discounts we offer. Not only will you have the fastest and most accurate service for your vehicle, but you’ll also spend less to get the job done.

Ownership at the Right Price

When you drove your vehicle home the first time, you might not have been thinking about the service and maintenance required. This is one of the costs of ownership of any vehicle. If you want the best prices, excellent service, and discounts that you can count on, you’ll want to see our team at Jiffy Lube®. We have many great ways for you to save more whether you’re preparing for a road trip, need a complete check of your vehicle, or just want to have a few things done. Come in and count on a discount at Jiffy Lube® today.