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foot on car brake

Your brakes are one of the vital components in your car when it comes to preventing collisions. When they function properly, you can count on your vehicle to stop when you tell it to, keeping you safe. Take a closer look at some of the Jiffy Lube brake services that will help your brakes keep functioning as expected. Jiffy Lube is a reputable provider of automotive preventive maintenance services. It has more than 2,000 branches nationwide.

Brake Inspection

One of the most important Jiffy Lube brake services that we offer is a brake inspection. Ideally, you want to have a professional inspect your brakes at intervals of about 12,000 miles or around once a year.

During an inspection, we thoroughly look at every part of the brakes. We check the linings and key components. In addition to the inspection, we give you a written evaluation with a detailed diagnosis. Keep this information for your records or use it to better understand our recommended service. We will recommend services based on the condition of the various components, their impact on brake performance, and your automaker’s recommendations.

Brake Repair

In the case that we find something in your brake system that requires repair, we can handle that for you as well. Our brake repairs are handled by a certified brake technician, giving you peace of mind. As with every other part of our Jiffy Lube brake service, repairs follow your manufacturer’s recommendation. For repairs, this means that we use the replacement parts that your automaker recommends, including hardware, rotors, drums, pads, and more.

Fluid Exchange

Your brake system includes fluids, and you will occasionally need a brake fluid exchange. Our technicians can let you know if you need this Jiffy Lube brake service or if it can wait. This is mostly based on your manufacturer’s recommendations. During a fluid exchange, we remove the old fluid. Then, we replace it with new fluid. As with any other repairs, the fluid we use always meets or exceeds the recommendations of your auto’s manufacturer.

General Brake Service

In addition to specific Jiffy Lube brake services, we also offer general services. This will typically include a combination of the above services. We’ll inspect and repair shoes, pads, calipers, rotors, and more. We gladly work on nearly every single make and model, including those with anti-lock braking systems.

Schedule Brake Service at Jiffy Lube

No matter the brake service you need, go ahead and schedule it at a Jiffy Lube near you. You will get confidence from the fact that all of the brake work is performed by certified brake technicians and that we use manufacturer-recommended components. We recommend scheduling brake service ahead of time for your convenience. This also gives you the chance to find your closest Jiffy lube where we offer brake service. As a bonus, we regularly have coupons to save you money on your brake service.