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No matter the car you drive, whether you bought it new or used, you must stay on top of maintenance. But used car maintenance is especially important. Take a look at some of the most important reasons to prioritize regular maintenance in your used car with a little help from Jiffy Lube. 

Spot Problems Early

One of the biggest advantages of used car maintenance is that it dramatically increases the chances that you will spot any potential issues early. Many of the preventative maintenance services at Jiffy Lube include an inspection. Even if they don’t, your mechanic will likely notice things affecting your car’s various systems. Remember that taking care of a minor issue will be less expensive and faster than if you caught it weeks or months down the road. 

Save Money

As mentioned, spotting issues earlier will almost always mean you spend less on repairs. But that’s not the only way that used car maintenance saves you money. It also delivers savings by preventing issues from occurring. For example, consider that rotating and aligning your tires can extend their life, letting you delay the replacement costs. 

Boost Car Longevity (and Value)

The fact that used car maintenance helps your car’s parts last longer does more than extend each part’s life. It also extends the life of your vehicle as a whole. This saves you even more money, as replacing your car can be expensive. Or, if you plan to trade in your vehicle, the longevity will increase its value. 

Save Time

We mentioned that spotting issues early during used car maintenance saves time and money, but the time savings is worth a closer look. It tends to be much faster to complete preventative maintenance than repairing problems that arise because you skipped them. That makes it easier to fit into your busy schedule. It also reduces the need to find alternative transportation while your car is in the shop. After all, if your car requires extensive repairs, you may have to pay for rideshares or taxis or rent a car, adding to your costs. 

Boost Safety

With regular used car maintenance, your car will also be safer. After all, maintenance helps ensure that everything functions properly. That proper operation is essential for your car to stay safe. Additionally, spotting potential issues increases your safety, as some of those problems your mechanic spots may include a safety risk. 

Improve Efficiency

Regular maintenance will also improve your efficiency. After all, if every component functions how it is designed, it will run more efficiently. This saves you money as well as time spent at the gas station. 

Schedule Used Car Maintenance at Jiffy Lube

Is it time for your regularly scheduled maintenance? Schedule service at your closest Jiffy Lube. Our highly-trained technicians will complete your service quickly and accurately, giving you all the above benefits. You can even schedule service online for added convenience.

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