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mechanic changing a car filter

No matter the kind of automobile you rely upon to get you where you need to go, regularly scheduled maintenance is a must. This is especially true as it pertains to a filter replacement. Take the following example. If you stay on top of regular oil changes, unless you’re doing them yourself, you may be forgetting one of the most important aspects of any oil change: the oil filter replacement.

While the oil filter is not the only filter in your vehicle that requires a filter replacement, it is an example of a filter replacement that plays a crucial role in keeping your vehicle operating at its very best. Rest assured, here at Jiffy Lube®, we pride ourselves on keeping you informed and your vehicle running in tip-top shape, and part of that responsibility includes conducting an oil filter replacement on an as-needed basis. Let’s explore one of the most important filter replacements you should inquire about on your next visit to your local Jiffy Lube® location.

Ask About Jiffy Lube® Oil Filter Replacement Services

As mentioned in our aforementioned example, an oil filter replacement is one of the often-overlooked aspects of any oil change. As part of any routine oil change, in addition to switching out the oil in your oil pan, you’ll want to make sure you’re changing your oil filter, too.

“Why does an oil filter replacement matter?”, you might ask.

Let us tell you: the oil filter is the first line of defense between gunk and free-floating particles that circulate throughout your fuel-air system. Think of it like a paper towel that’s already soaked up a spill. Would you continue to wipe away grime with an already-soaked paper towel, or would you use a new one? Of course, you would use a new one. The same principle applies here.

Choose Jiffy Lube® For Your Next Oil Filter Replacement

When getting an oil change at your local Jiffy Lube®, our Certified Jiffy Lube® Oil Change specialists always ensure we provide thorough and exceptional oil changes, in addition to conducting an oil filter replacement. Come experience the same great service at your local Jiffy Lube® today!