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One of the many liquids in your auto is your car coolant or antifreeze. You may know that you need to check the level of this fluid and occasionally replace it, but you should also understand what it is. After all, you are likelier to have Jiffy Lube technicians check your coolant if you understand why it matters.

What Is Coolant?

Car coolant or antifreeze are two names for the same thing. This is a liquid that you combine with water before putting it in your vehicle. It helps prevent your engine stay regulated when the temperatures are extreme. When the temperatures outside become cold, the system pumps the car coolant through your engine block. This ensures the engine has an even operating temperature. In addition to helping with operating temperature, antifreeze also prevents corrosion.

Differences Between Brands and Types of Antifreeze

As you look at the various options for car coolant, you will notice that every brand has its own offering. They often come in various colors, from pink to green to orange. But what makes them different?

Every coolant will have ethylene glycol as its base chemical. The differences come down to dyes and additives. Some additives, for example, make certain formulas ideal for vehicles with higher mileage. If you aren’t sure which antifreeze to use for your vehicle, ask our Jiffy Lube technicians for a recommendation.

How Coolant Works

As mentioned, you mix car coolant with water before putting it in your car. You usually do so with equal proportions. After mixing it, you pour the water-antifreeze combination into the appropriate reservoir in the engine.

The coolant contains ethylene glycol, a chemical that is the base of the liquid. The liquid then gets pumped through your engine. Thanks to the antifreeze, your auto maintains its peak operating temperatures even when the weather changes. While most people think of antifreeze as something to use only in winter, it also helps fight extremely hot weather.

When Do I Need to Replace the Coolant?

Just like every other fluid in your car, you will occasionally need to replace the coolant to ensure that your vehicle’s systems work properly. You ideally want to check the coolant levels about twice a year. Do so before the heat of the summer and then again before the cold of the winter hits. For an idea of when to flush and replace the coolant, check your owner’s manual. Jiffy Lube technicians can also look up the maintenance schedule for your vehicle if you prefer.

Let Jiffy Lube Take Care of Your Coolant and Other Fluids

If you have any questions about coolant, you can always leave it up to the technicians at Jiffy Lube. We have more than 2,000 locations nationwide to assist you.

We will gladly check this fluid as well as all your other fluids and replace them as necessary. Visit one of our locations near you, and rest easy knowing that your engine has what it needs to maintain its ideal temperature.