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Belt repair

We have all had the experience of driving our car, and a squeaking or squealing noise is coming from under the hood. The reality is that there aren’t many good reasons for sudden squealing to come from under the hood.

Everything in your engine is meant to work together seamlessly without a racket so that noises may come from a few big parts having problems. One category of parts comes to mind when this noise is described and should be checked immediately. You may need a belt repair near me or a Jiffy Lube belt replacement.

Most modern vehicles have a minimum of one drive belt, called the serpentine belt. There can be a few more depending on the type of engine system. This belt spins around the internal combustion engine. As it does so, it sends power to other areas of the vehicle, such as the air conditioning unit, alternator, power steering, and others.

How do you know if the serpentine belt is the problem? What should you do? Jiffy Lube offers tips to help you decide if you need a belt repair near me.

How to Tell If the Serpentine Belt Is Noisy

There are several reasons you may be hearing squealing when driving, and none are good. One way of telling if the noise is coming from the drive belt is if it starts when you turn your car on and is noticeably in the front. If so, you may need a Jiffy Lube belt replacement.

Serpentine belt problems will get louder when you accelerate or try turning aggressively. They can also make more noise in the rain or when it is humid. You may notice systems such as your air conditioning unit or power steering struggling because the serpentine belt isn’t getting power to them.

You may start to think you have battery problems, and this is because the serpentine belt provides alternator power. You likely won’t get an engine light turned on to let you know this trouble is cropping up. If you notice those signs, consider scheduling a Jiffy Lube belt replacement or belt repair near me.

What Makes It Squeal

There are several reasons the high pitch noise may have started. It may be because it is not aligned properly or the wrong fluid is getting on the drive belt. Whatever the reason is, you want to get it checked out before larger problems start cropping up. Something that you could correct with a minor belt repair near me can quickly worsen into something that requires a full Jiffy Lube belt replacement.

Other Belts

The serpentine belt also goes by the drive belt and the v-belt. It is one of the most common belts to have trouble cropping up, mainly because there tend to be more of them. The different belt names tend to be associated more with the vehicle’s make and model and when it was produced than by the job. But your Jiffy Lube belt replacement team will know how to identify and name the belt in question.

In your vehicle, you will also find timing belts that have notched rubber. If these are going bad, expensive engine repairs may be around the corner.

 Belt Repair at Jiffy Lube

The bottom line is that you want to pay attention to squealing noises and get your vehicle checked out immediately. Get your belt repair near me at your local Jiffy Lube to keep your car in good working condition.