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Filter Replacement

When it comes to the essential services that keep your vehicle working its best, most people don’t think of the word “filter.” While filter replacements may not conjure up images of dazzling, tantalizing automotive displays, the truth is, a filter replacement is one of the best ways you can keep your car, truck, or SUV on the open road for many years to come. Here’s why a filter replacement is a must-have service for your vehicle.

What Is a Filter Replacement?

As the name suggests, a filter replacement is a service that involves swapping out an existing filter for a new one. In your vehicle, there are two kinds of filters you should be aware of—your engine air filter and your passenger cabin filter. While they are both filters, they have two different missions; Missions that, when accomplished, ensure your driver-passenger experience is pleasant and your engine performance is optimal, which therein highlights the importance of a routine filter replacement appointment.

What Is an Engine Air Filter Replacement?

When you come into your local Jiffy Lube to have an engine air filter replacement, you’re taking care of one of the most essential services to ensure the health of your motor vehicle. When your vehicle’s engine is running, dust, sand, and other particulates are trapped and caught by your engine’s air filter. A working engine air filter ensures that these particulates don’t clog and gunk up your engine, as gunk and clogs result in poor performance and potentially lower gas mileage. In essence, an engine air filter replacement keeps your engine “breathing” better.

 An engine air filter replacement pairs perfectly with an oil change, as combining a fresh filter with a new batch of oil guarantees adequate lubrication and ensures outstanding vehicular performance, due in large part to your fresh filter’s ability to block debris and airborne particulates. As a courtesy, your Jiffy Lube Service Technicians will help you find the perfect filter to conduct your engine air filter replacement. But beyond your engine, your passenger compartment needs clean air, too.

What is a Passenger Cabin Air Filter Replacement?

Your passenger compartment needs clean air, too. Over time, it’s common for your passenger cabin air filter to accumulate dust and other debris that can potentially obstruct breathing and present issues for people who are sensitive to allergens. A passenger cabin air filter replacement will ensure you and your passengers continue to breathe fresh, clean air that is particulate-free.

Choose Jiffy Lube for Your Next Filter Replacement

As one of Jiffy Lube’s 12 Essential Services, it’s never a better time to come on by and let the passionate team at Jiffy lube keep you, your passengers, and of course, your engine, all breathing their best. Schedule an oil filter replacement today to get the most out of your vehicle and your driving experience.