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Fuel System Cleaning

Whether it’s getting to work, going to the store, or transporting you to that potentially life-changing job interview, your vehicle is your sidekick in some of life’s most important adventures. Given all that you two have been through, isn’t it time you took care of your auto?

Now, listen, don’t get us wrong—oil changes and tire rotations are great—but if you want to truly maximize the performance of your vehicle, it’s time to take it in for a fuel system cleaning. As the name suggests, refreshing your fuel system with a fuel system cleaning is one of the best ways to flush out and remove the gunk that clogs up one of your vehicle’s most critical components.

What is a Fuel System Cleaning?

Sorry for sounding like a broken record, but yes, as the headline suggests, a fuel system cleaning is when you get your fuel system cleaned out. But a fuel system cleaning can’t be performed by just anyone. To ensure the critical areas of your fuel system are identified, inspected, and then cleaned thoroughly, you need a certified fuel system cleaning technician, like the kinds you’ll find at your local Jiffy Lube.

Our technicians are happy to explain how just one fuel system cleaning can have a dramatic impact the second you sit in the driver’s seat post-cleaning. Depending on how long you’ve had your vehicle or how many miles you’ve put on it, these variables can influence the amount of deleterious build-up in your fuel system.

At Jiffy Lube, we perform every single fuel system cleaning with dedication and deliberation. We will remove the harmful particulates from the fuel system itself, your injectors, and the combustion chamber. During this time, our certified fuel system cleaning technicians will also inspect your fuel filter.

Sometimes, replacing your fuel filter is yet another way to unlock the true performance potential of your vehicle. Remember, performance is all about having a roaring engine or going fast. Having an efficient fuel system means your vehicle is using fuel more efficiently and not using more power than it needs to, thereby saving you time and money.

Give Your Car the Royal Treatment With a Fuel System Cleaning

Ready to take care of your vehicle for its loyal dedication? There’s no better way than with a fuel system cleaning from Jiffy Lube.