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Timely oil changes are a crucial part of a car’s maintenance routine. Apart from lubricating the mechanical parts of your car’s engine, motor oil also helps to cool, clean, and protect your engine.

Many car owners find oil changes to be tedious. Fortunately, there’s Jiffy Lube to take care of your oil change and other car maintenance needs. Though we offer a wide range of services, the Jiffy Lube Signature Oil Change is what made us famous. This Jiffy Lube service made the brand a household name.

Not Your Standard Oil Change

The Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change is not your typical oil change service. It’s a comprehensive preventive car maintenance service involving checking, changing, inspecting, and filling essential components and systems of your vehicle. This Jiffy Lube service even includes vacuuming your car’s interior and cleaning exterior windows.

Complimentary Fluid Top-Off

When you try the Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change, you get a complimentary top-off Jiffy Lube service on vital fluids, including motor oil, power, transmission, differential/transfer case, steering, and washer fluids. You just need to stop by any of our service centers if you’re within 3,000 miles of your service mileage, and we will top off up to two-quarters of the fluid you need.

Type of Motor Oil

We offer different types of motor oil depending on your car’s requirements and budget. As part of the Jiffy Lube service, our technicians will be more than happy to help you choose the best type of oil for your vehicle.

Conventional Oil: Because of its low cost, conventional oil is the most popular type of motor oil. This oil is ideal for drivers whose vehicles aren’t exposed to severe driving conditions and extreme temperatures and aren’t used to tow heavy loads.

High Mileage Oil: This type of oil is specially designed for vehicles with more than 75,000 miles. High mileage oil is formulated to keep old engines in good running condition by reducing oil leaks, oil burn-off, and loss of compression.

Synthetic Blend Oil: This type of oil combines synthetic and conventional oils, with effects that stand in between the two. It performs better and provides better protection than conventional oil, especially in severe conditions. But it still doesn’t offer the level of protection that full synthetic motor oil does.

Full Synthetic Motor Oil: This motor oil is for those who want the highest level of protection and performance for their car’s engines. An increasing number of car manufacturers are recommending the use of synthetic oil.

You should always use synthetic oil if your car requires it. But even if it doesn’t, you should know that synthetic blend oil and full synthetic motor oil provide better protection than conventional oil, especially in extreme driving conditions.

If it’s time for your vehicle to have an oil change, it’s best to schedule a Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change at a service center near you. If you haven’t tried this popular Jiffy Lube service yet, then you need to know why car owners are raving about it.