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You know that you need to change the oil in your car regularly, but you may not be sure what oil to get with your oil change coupons. If you see a synthetic blend coupon, do you go ahead and use it? Or do you want conventional oil? To better understand which Jiffy Lube’s oil change coupons to take advantage of, learn more about synthetic vs. conventional oil. 

What Each Is Made From

The first point of comparison between synthetic vs. conventional oil is how they are made. Regular or conventional oil is made from petroleum. By contrast, a synthetic blend is made from polyalphaolefin, synthetic esters, and alkylated aromatics. These chemicals are combined in a laboratory. Both options contain performance additives. 

What About Synthetic Blend Oil?

While most people compare synthetic vs. conventional oil, you may also see oil change coupons for a synthetic blend. This type of synthetic blend coupon will give you a combination of synthetic and conventional oil. 

As you would imagine, a synthetic blend coupon will give you oil that splits the two oil types. This is true in terms of price and performance. 

Temperature Ranges: Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

One of the big differences between conventional and synthetic is that synthetic oil can handle lower and higher temperatures before it breaks down. This is good if you live in an area with extreme temperatures. 

Differences in Friction

When choosing which oil change coupons to use, remember that synthetic oil has less friction as it moves through your motor. This is because all of its molecules have the same structure and size. By contrast, the conventional oil’s molecules are uneven. The reduction in friction means that synthetic oil lets your engine operate more efficiently and delivers more horsepower. A synthetic blend coupon will be somewhere in the middle. 

Engine Wear Protection

That difference in friction also means that synthetic oil gives your engine more protection against wear than you would get with regular oil. 

Cost Differences

While it may seem like synthetic oil wins in every aspect of the synthetic vs. conventional oil comparison, there is one important advantage for regular oil. Regular oil is more affordable. This is part of the reason some people opt for synthetic blend coupons. That lets you save some money while still getting some of the benefits of synthetic oil. Or you can just look for oil change coupons to save on synthetic oil. 

Many drivers also agree that these advantages, especially longevity, make synthetic oil worth the small extra cost. 

Your Owner’s Manual

When comparing synthetic vs. conventional oil, check your owner’s manual. Some automakers recommend you use full synthetic oil to get the best results, while others don’t specify. 

Get Either Oil With Jiffy Lube

Whether you want synthetic, conventional, or synthetic blend oil, Jiffy Lube is ready to change your oil and give you the fluid that you prefer. We already extend great prices, but you can make them even better with oil change coupons.