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Man repairing brakes

Do you hear strange sounds when you step on the brakes? Are your brakes not as responsive as they used to be? Or maybe it’s been a while since the last time you had your brakes checked. Then it’s time for you to have your brakes inspected. Having reliable brakes is crucial if you want to be safe on the road.

If you sense something wrong with your brake system, you need to have it checked right away to see if a brake replacement is necessary. Regular brake inspection should be part of your car maintenance routine. If you need reliable brake inspection or replacement service, take your car to a nearby Jiffy Lube service center.

Below are the different brake service options being offered at Jiffy Lube.

Brake Inspection

Regular brake inspection is recommended to avoid costly repairs and to have peace of mind. It should be done once or twice a year, along with regular tire rotations. But if you’re hearing unusual sounds or experiencing unusual stops, you should have your brakes inspected immediately. Swing by the nearest Jiffy Lube for a brake service.

Our brake inspection service includes:
performing a visual inspection of your brake system
measuring your brake pads
providing a service plan

We will base all of our brake service recommendations on your car manufacturer’s specifications and the condition of your brake components.

Brake Fluid Exchange

Brake fluid is a critical part of your vehicle’s braking system. It helps create the braking power needed to stop your car. When you step on the brake pedal, brake fluid flows to transfer force to the brakes, slowing down your vehicle in the process.

Brake fluid may become compromised by contaminants and moisture over time and may affect the performance of your brake system. This is why regular brake fluid exchange should be part of your vehicle maintenance routine.

How often you need to change your brake fluid depends on the recommendation of your car’s manufacturer. You can also conduct a brake fluid test to check if it’s time for you to change your brake fluid.

When you take your vehicle to Jiffy Lube for a brake service, we will inspect your brake system, replace your fluid, and properly dispose of the used fluid. We assure you that the brake fluid we will use will meet or exceed your car manufacturer’s specifications.

Brake Replacement

After inspecting your brakes, our technicians may recommend brake replacement. This means replacing one or several components of your brake system. The recommendation for a brake replacement will be in accordance with your car manufacturer’s specifications. Whether you need new rotors, drums, brake pads, or shoes, our brake replacement service can get your brake system back in tip-top shape.

Stop by the nearest Jiffy Lube service center for a brake service or your other car repair and maintenance services. Choose from one of our more than 2,000 locations nationwide. Our highly trained technicians will be more than happy to help you restore your vehicle to good working condition.