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You may know that Jiffy Lube offers , but that doesn’t mean you know when to take advantage of it. You can check your owner’s manual for your suspension maintenance schedule. But you will also likely require Jiffy Lube suspension service between scheduled maintenance. Take a look at some warning signs you need to have the service done. 

Braking Issues

The way your brakes behave can be an indication that you need Jiffy Lube suspension service, in addition to the potential need for brake service. Our technicians can inspect your car to check which system is the problem. If your brakes are in good condition and you notice issues with acceleration or stopping, then the suspension is likely the culprit. 

Odd Noises

One of the jobs of your auto’s suspension is to absorb shocks. This means that when you hit a bump, the suspension should capture the change in energy and minimize its effect on your ride quality. But if you hear clanking and squeaking, the suspension isn’t absorbing the bumps as it should. That, in turn, signifies that you need Jiffy Lube suspension service. 

Bouncing Excessively

It makes sense that if your suspension can’t absorb impacts properly, there will be some bouncing. But this is not the only bouncing that can indicate a need for Jiffy Lube suspension service. If the suspension is damaged, you may also notice more bouncing and swaying on your daily drives. So, pay attention to your ride quality and compare that to how it usually is. If your typically smooth ride gets bumpy, you probably need Jiffy Lube suspension service. 

Don’t Put Off Repairs

It can be very tempting to put off a Jiffy Lube suspension service. Maybe you are on a tight budget and are worried about the cost of service, or maybe you don’t think you have the time to bring your car in. Or maybe you don’t want to. 

Never delay service, as this is highly likely to cause the issues to worsen. That will make the necessary repairs more expensive and more time-consuming. In other words, spending a little now will save you time and money. On top of that, Jiffy Lube offers competitive pricing and frequently has specials or coupons to make service even more affordable. 


Have Your Suspension Service at Jiffy Lube

If you notice any of the above symptoms, go ahead and get a suspension service at Jiffy Lube immediately. We have numerous convenient locations, including several options by you. In addition to suspension issues, our technicians are here to help diagnose and repair anything that may be wrong with your car. So, if you notice a warning light or your car making odd sounds or movements, go to the nearest Jiffy Lube location. We’ll ensure you stay safe on the road in a fully-functional car.

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