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Illustration about gas prices and fuel efficiency

Most people want to maximize their auto’s fuel efficiency, especially with the current gas prices. The good news is that you can likely improve your efficiency with simple tips, including regular maintenance and Jiffy Lube fuel services. Take a closer look at things you can do yourself to boost gas mileage and how Jiffy Lube can help you boost it even more. 

What You Can Do Yourself

Let’s start with some things you can do yourself to improve efficiency, whether or not you take advantage of Jiffy Lube fuel services: 

Inflate Tires Properly

Make sure that your tires have the proper pressure. If they are underinflated by a single psi, this can drop efficiency by around 0.2%. But don’t overinflate them either, as that is dangerous. 

Accelerate and Decelerate Properly

Whenever you decelerate or accelerate, aim to do so smoothly. This will improve your efficiency. 

Don’t Speed

Once you get over a certain speed, your fuel efficiency decreases. So, get in the habit of sticking to the speed limit. As a bonus, you’ll stay safer on the road. 

Avoid Idling 

Idling can consume an excessive amount of gas. So turn off your car if you have to wait for a while, at least when possible. 

Minimize Roof Rack Use

Your roof rack is useful, but only use it when necessary. Having anything strapped to the roof of your auto hurts its aerodynamics, dropping efficiency. 

Remove Excess Weight

You should also remove any excess weight that you keep in your car. Just don’t do this by removing emergency supplies. Instead, remove extras like sports gear you don’t need to take everywhere. 


How Jiffy Lube Can Help 

The Jiffy Lube fuel services for boosting efficiency come down to regular maintenance. Simply put, when your car functions properly and is well-maintained, it will work more efficiently. 


Specifically, regular maintenance can improve your engine efficiency. This is especially true for Jiffy Lube fuel services like engine tune-ups. And let Jiffy Lube confirm your engine oil is in good condition, as that will help your engine run smoothly. 


While at it, make sure your brakes work properly, so you can accelerate and decelerate smoothly. And let our team inspect your tires and rotate them when necessary, letting you maximize the efficiency that comes from properly inflated tires. 


Of course, you may also want to have our team provide a fuel system cleaning. These Jiffy Lube fuel services will maximize your fuel’s ability to function. 


Get Maintenance Service at Jiffy Lube to Optimize Your Fuel Economy


While we don’t have many specific Jiffy Lube fuel services, nearly every service we offer relates to your fuel efficiency. The Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change is probably among the most important of these, as it keeps your car running properly. Even seemingly unrelated things like air conditioning service can help with gas mileage by letting your systems work more efficiently. That said, the services related to the engine, fuel system, and tires are the most important for fuel efficiency.