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Without a fully functional battery, your car will not start, potentially leaving you stranded. You hopefully have your battery regularly inspected, but you should also be proactive. Our technicians will inspect your battery and confirm it needs to be replaced. If you notice any of the following signs, you might need a Jiffy Lube battery replacement. 

Car Doesn’t Turn on Easily

One of the most common signs that you need a Jiffy Lube battery replacement is if your car struggles to turn on or starts sputtering. This indicates that your battery isn’t charging properly, so your car doesn’t get enough driving power. The initial sputtering and difficulty starting may not be noticeable. But it will worsen over time, making the issue clear. 

Bad Performance in Cold Weather

Your battery will always work harder in cold weather, as it is not warmed up. While this is important to keep in mind for all cars, a weak battery can struggle even more. If your car turned on fine when the weather was warmer but started struggling when it got cold out, you likely need a new battery. We suggest an inspection to see if you need a Jiffy Lube battery replacement before winter arrives. 

Electronic Issues

Your battery is responsible for the various electrical functions in your car. So, if you have power door locks and windows that aren’t working properly, you may need a Jiffy Lube battery replacement. The same is true for things like lights. It’s smart to change the battery at the first sign of these issues or at least have an inspection. After all, it will only get worse. 

Dashboard Lights 

Warning lights on your dashboard are a sure sign that something is wrong with your car and can indicate a battery issue. The need for a Jiffy Lube battery replacement can cause various lights to illuminate, including the one for the alternator. 

Odd Smells

You should always be on the alert for odd odors coming from your car. Not all odd smells are due to cleanliness. Sometimes, the weird smell indicates something is wrong with your car. A scent like rotten eggs, for example, can indicate battery issues. Specifically, the battery may be leaking gas. If that happens, you need an immediate battery replacement. 

Get a Battery Replacement at Jiffy Lube

If you notice any of the above warning signs, get a Jiffy Lube battery replacement at your closest location. At the very least, have our technicians inspect your battery. We will carefully evaluate your car, focusing on the battery to confirm the problem. If our inspection and diagnostics confirm your battery needs to be replaced, we’ll let you know and handle the replacement. If something else caused the issue, we’ll address that problem and get you back on the road.