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Empty vehicle gasoline meter

Modern automobiles have a fuel injection system that makes it possible for a vehicle to determine how much fuel to use. These systems work much better than the carburetors found in older cars. Fuel injection systems are one of the reasons that newer cars have much better fuel economy than cars of the past.

Fuel injection systems are very efficient, but they do need maintenance. A simple way to keep a fuel injection system in good condition is by scheduling a fuel injection service.

How Often Is a Fuel Injection Service Needed?

In order to keep your fuel injection system in optimal condition, a fuel injection service is recommended about every 45,000 miles or every three years. Of course, this can vary from one auto manufacturer to another. You can find the recommendation for the make/model of your vehicle in your owner’s manual.

What Is Included in a Fuel Injection Service?

A complete fuel injection service involves several different steps that keep the fuel injection system functioning properly. These steps include:

  • Evaluation of the fuel pump pressure/volume
  • Inspection of the pressure regulator
  • Flushing of the fuel rail and fuel injector screen
  • Flushing and cleaning of all fuel injectors
  • The air passages and throttle valve get flushed.
  • Engine computer checkup to ensure that the right air/fuel mixture is flowing through the system

Common Symptoms That Indicate It’s Time for a Fuel Injection Service

A vehicle will display several symptoms when the fuel injection system is dirty or clogged, and service is needed. Paying attention to these symptoms will allow you to promptly schedule a fuel injection service to prevent damage to the fuel injection system. Common signs include:

Unexplained Decrease in Fuel Economy– A drop in fuel economy is one of the most common symptoms of a clogged or dirty fuel injection system.  Clogged/dirty fuel injectors prevent the system from precisely delivering the right amount of fuel to the engine.
Poor Performance– A vehicle’s engine needs a constant input of fuel in order for continuous fuel combustion to occur. If there is a clog in the fuel injection system, your engine won’t get enough fuel. This will result in a lack of power when accelerating.
Stalling or Stuttering– Any time there is an issue with the fuel injection system, a vehicle will not operate properly. Stalling and stuttering are symptoms associated with the fuel injection system. Many people assume that a failing fuel pump causes these problems, but a bad clog in the fuel injection system can also cause the issue. A fuel injection service can resolve the problem.


A fuel injection system has to be in good working condition in order for a vehicle to operate. A dirty or clogged fuel injection system can affect the flow of fuel into the engine where combustion occurs. Contact a JiffyLube ® location near you to schedule a fuel injection service for your vehicle. After your service, your car will run as good as new. and the fuel economy will improve.