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Jiffy Lube technician working on suspended car with bottom text saying Jiffy Lube Rates High With Customers

See What Other Customers are Saying About Jiffy Lube®

We can tell you we’re the best, we can talk about all of our services, and we can give you the best prices, but you should listen to what other customers are saying. Our team at Jiffy Lube® rates high with customers who love to leave reviews and give us that five-star treatment. Before you trust any company for services or products, you look to see how many stars they have and what some reviews have to see. Check out some of the comments that customers have given our team.

Advice and Service With a Bonus Discount

Not only did a service member take the time to visit a customer at their home to service a vehicle, but the advice also offered was correct. All that was needed to give the vehicle the acceleration that it once had was a simple oil change. This customer received a Signature Service Oil Change from a Jiffy Lube® associate and a code for a $5 discount for the oil change. Service, advice, savings all lead to our team at Jiffy Lube® being the one that customers trust.

Service When Others Couldn’t Get the Job Done

In order to keep the warranty intact, the vehicle needed to have an oil change. Unfortunately, miscommunication between family members made this service a bit of an emergency for them. After trying to get in at three other service centers, the family came to Jiffy Lube® and had the job done within a half-hour. This is certainly an example of why Jiffy Lube® rates high with customers. You don’t need an appointment to keep your car running right when you work with our team at Jiffy Lube®.

A New and Better Place to Go

The first visit to a Jiffy Lube® location gives a customer the feeling they want to make sure they come back every time they need service. From the clean service bays to the friendly staff, this customer was blown away. They saw that Jiffy Lube® is a full-service location that works safely and quickly to get things done. Communication between service techs and customers was amazing and won this customer over for life. Is it any wonder that Jiffy Lube® rates high with customers when our team checks off all the boxes during a simple oil change visit?

Speedy Service, Big Smiles, and a Special Feeling

Instead of feeling like another number or an interruption in an otherwise dull day, customers feel special and begin to create a personal relationship when they get to know our Jiffy Lube® team. Whether it’s one location that has won a customer over that will cross town to visit or someone that comes in because their regular place doesn’t have an appointment, the smiling faces, quick service, and special feeling make it easy for customers to come back for more. It’s pretty easy to see why Jiffy Lube® rates high with customers.