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Does Your A/C Need to be Serviced?

Whether it’s the beginning of spring and you’re faced with the first day that’s hot enough to need air conditioning or it’s later in the year but a heatwave has struck, you want your vehicle to have the temperature in the cabin you desire. This means your air conditioner needs to operate properly and produce cool or cold air for you to enjoy during your drive. If you turn on this system and all you get is warm air, it might be time to have your cooling system checked.

Bring Your Vehicle to a Technician

Unless you have experience working on the A/C system in your vehicle, you need to bring it to your local service technician.  They can check the cooling units to see what needs to be done to make sure your air conditioning can be fixed and keep you cool. This system has several components and chemicals that help you have the cool feeling you want when you take a drive. Your local service expert can help you figure out what needs to be done to have your air conditioning system working right again.

An Inspection of the System

The first part of checking your A/C system is for the technician to visually inspect the compressor, drive belt, serpentine belt, and all visual components. This inspection could reveal cracks, leaks, or damage that needs to be taken care of before any other service can be completed. If the technician does not find any damage or need for visual items to be fixed, they will move on to checking the operation of the compressor to ensure its working the right way. Once this inspection is completed, it’s time to move on to the chemicals used.

Adding Refrigerant

Similar to the refrigerator in your home, your air conditioning system uses a refrigerant to cool the air that enters the cabin for you.  If the service technician you visit doesn’t find any visual issues with your air conditioning system, they will evacuate the refrigerant from the system. These chemicals only have a limited life and sometimes just need to be changed out. Once the refrigerant is removed, they will vacuum the test and then recharge the air conditioning system using the right amount of refrigerant for your vehicle. This should be all that’s needed to get you back on the road in a cool and comfortable car.

Where Should You Go for Service?

If you need to have your air conditioning system serviced visit the team at your local Jiffy Lube® location. This team has the expertise needed to complete the air conditioning service you need. If parts need to be replaced in your system, your local Jiffy Lube® team can recommend the next steps for you. If all you need is a recharge and refill of refrigerant, they will get this done and make sure you have a cool and comfortable car to drive home.