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Rainy Season

Driving in inclement weather offers some challenges. Following certain maintenance tips and emphasizing car care will increase the chances of arriving at your destination without major problems or incidents. You can do many car care tasks at your local Jiffy Lube.

Clean the Windshield

Your windshield may be especially dirty the day after a rainstorm as the water dries and leaves mineral deposits and other debris behind. Ensure you have windshield washer fluid in your vehicle and give the glass a thorough cleaning. It’s also good to clean the side mirrors and back mirrors too.

Windshield Wipers

When it comes to car care, don’t forget about the windshield wipers. Inspect the blades regularly and look for any nicks. It’s easy for the wipers to crack and become brittle during warm weather. Before the rainy season, have the technicians at Jiffy Lube look at the wipers and replace them if necessary.

Look at the Lights

Nighttime driving in the rain can be particularly challenging. You need properly functioning headlights to show you the way and alert other drivers to your presence on the road. Ensure that the lightbulbs are working and that the lights are clean. You can take your car to Jiffy Lube for help with headlight cleaning.

Replace the Tires

Tires with worn treads create safety problems in rainy weather. Your vehicle will not stop effectively if the tires are in bad shape. For good car care, check out the tread before the rainy season hits. If they have less than 3/32 inches of tread depth, it is time for new ones.

Check the Battery

In rainy weather, the last thing you want is to get stranded because your car won’t start. A bad battery is a common culprit for this. The team at Jiffy Lube can inspect the battery’s life and recommend if it’s time to replace it.

Brakes Matter

Car care during the rainy season is vital for your brakes. Stopping the vehicle on wet roads is harder than when the terrain is dry. Worn-out brakes could lead to skidding. If you hear crunching or grinding sounds, it’s probably time for new brakes.

Clean the Car

Driving in the rain can take a toll on the body of your car. After being out in the rain, it’s important to wash and wax it. This removes dirt from the body, thus reducing the risk of damage. It also keeps the paint looking nice for years to come.

Address Leaks

This refers to leaking inside the vehicle, not outside of it. Rubber seals protect moisture from getting into the car. When it rains, worn-out seals and barriers will allow water to get inside, making you uncomfortable and ruining the interior. Inspect the seals of doors and the sunroof.

A/C Checks

It may be warm during the rainy season, and you certainly don’t want the windows down. Your car care should include a check to ensure the air conditioning is working. The technicians at Jiffy Lube can inspect the AC components and verify that air is circulating through the car.

Clean Inside Too

Rainy weather means a lot of dirt and mud will find its way into the car. Regularly vacuum the upholstery and wash the mats, seats, and dashboard.

Good car care is crucial during the rainy season. Jiffy Lube offers a host of services, so bring your vehicle in today.