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spark plug tune up

Your vehicle is full of essential parts, big and small. The small spark plug is an integral part of your engine. This little part gives your car the power it needs to start and keep going. When this little part starts to go bad, several issues might crop up.

If you are like most car owners, you have no idea when you last checked the spark plugs of your vehicle. If you change your spark plugs according to your owner’s manual, your vehicle will operate more smoothly. And with the affordable tune-up cost Jiffy Lube offers, this is easy to do. You should know a few things about this small but powerful part of your car.

What Do Spark Plugs Do?

The spark plug is made to ignite fuel mixes and air in combustion chambers. This helps the engine to have enough power to start. Once it has lit, the plug doesn’t keep the power. Instead, it pulls heat from the chamber. The heat goes into a water jacket in the cylinder head, another small but effective part that we can care for as part of the tune-up cost Jiffy Lube offers.

What Happens When Spark Plugs Are Bad?

Depending on the manufacturer, you can expect your spark plugs to last about 100,000 miles. When you take advantage of the tune-up cost Jiffy Lube offers, you will see some signals they need to be replaced. For example, the engine may start having slower acceleration. When the spark plugs have gotten old, you will also notice the engine misfiring or an increase in fuel use. You may have a rough idle or another issue with the car. If you are having these troubles, it is best to get a licensed mechanic to look further into them. This is as easy as taking advantage of the tune-up cost Jiffy Lube provides.

Spark Plug Replacement

When you need new spark plugs, it is best to get a professional such as those at Jiffy Lube to get them replaced. This will ensure you get the job done correctly and allow your vehicle to be looked at by a professional. We even offer coupons to keep the tune-up cost Jiffy Lube offers highly affordable. You can save 10% off the replacement, so there is no reason to keep putting it off.

Get Your Spark Plugs Replaced at Jiffy Lube

Visit Jiffy Lube today, and we can give your car a tune-up. Our staff of professionals is ready to walk you through any repairs you may need and get you on a regular maintenance schedule. We provide tons of discounts and offers to help keep car maintenance affordable. From 10% off spark plug replacement to an affordable tune-up cost, Jiffy Lube delivers high-quality repairs that fit your budget.