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Click, Click, Click… Oh no, You Need to Replace Your Battery

Most of us don’t know that we need to replace our battery until it’s too late. Often, this happens late at night, when we’re in the middle of nowhere and have to ask a friend to come and pick us up and bring us home. After that, you need a ride back to your car to get the battery out so that you can replace it and get back on the road. This can certainly ruin your night and the next day when it happens.

Don’t be Typical with Your Battery

Your battery performs several important functions for your vehicle and it needs to work right to get your vehicle started and help you drive where you need to go. This item gives power to all your electrical components when you have your vehicle turned off. Let our team at Jiffy Lube® inspect your battery whenever you come in for another service. This will help ensure you don’t get left stranded on the side of a dark road waiting for one of your friends to come and pick you up. Knowing you have a healthy battery can be a serious comfort for you.

Jiffy Lube® Can Offer Battery Replacement When Needed

During the Battery Diagnostic Service we perform, we will learn whether or not your battery is performing to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If it isn’t, we will offer you replacement options for your battery to make sure you can get back on the road and know that you have a healthy and new battery that’s working the right way. With our assistance, you’ll never have to deal with a dead battery that leaves you stranded on the side of the road.

Have Your Battery System Checked Before a Trip

If you’re going to take a road trip, you should have your battery system inspected. This means checking to make sure the battery has enough charge for your drive, the terminals are clean, and the cables look healthy to bring the charge from the battery to your electric components. This simple check of your battery can give you the peace of mind needed to take your road trip and have a great time when you’re on vacation. Our team at Jiffy Lube® will be more than happy to see that your battery system is ready to perform for you.

Don’t Put Off Battery Replacement

When you’re told that your battery will need to be replaced soon, that’s the time to get the job done. Let our Jiffy Lube® team perform the battery replacement service for you to give you the comfort and confidence you need to drive every day. When we install a new battery, you can trust that you’re going to drive for many miles with the battery operating properly. Ask about service coupons for battery replacement when you see our team. We can save you a little money off the service performed during your visit.