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Eliminating Driver Pain Points for May: Poor Air Conditioner Performance

Very little will frustrate you more during your daily drive than poor air conditioner performance. Just imagine you’ve gotten in your hot car in the morning and you’re expecting some relief from the heat in a few minutes but that relief never comes. Whether the fan isn’t blowing hard enough, the air isn’t getting cool enough, or the entire system is only blowing hot air on you, your hot ride just got a lot worse and you need to have your air conditioning fixed.

Your Drive Should be a Comfortable One

Whether you’re on the way to work, running errands, or taking your kids to some activities, you should have a comfortable drive. When the air conditioner doesn’t work, that can’t happen. After spending time making yourself look great for work, the worst thing for you could be showing up at the office sweaty and with pit stains in your shirt because you had to deal with poor air conditioner performance during your ride. When you realize your air conditioner isn’t working right, you need to bring your vehicle to our Jiffy Lube® team to have this item serviced.

Is it Time for an Evacuation and Recharge Service?

Sometimes the solution to your air conditioner problems is as simple as an evacuation and recharge service, which our team will be more than happy to perform for you. Other times, the fix may be something more than simply recharging your system and sending you out on the road. Because you came to see our team, you know you’re going to have a complete air conditioner service performed to find out what needs to be done to ensure your system will work correctly once again.

What Will Our Jiffy Lube® Team Do for You?

The first part of understanding what’s wrong and why you are dealing with poor air conditioner performance is to inspect the belts that operate the system. Once done, all accessible components will be inspected for damage and leaks. If these two items pass, our team will check the compressor and make sure it isn’t leaking. Once these checks are done, we will begin the evacuation process and then recharge your system. If leaks are found in any part of the process, our team will recommend what you need to do to have the leaking part replaced.

Start Feeling the Cool Air Once Again

Poor air conditioner performance doesn’t make your car comfortable and turns your ride into a hot mess. When you allow our Jiffy Lube® team to service your system, you’ll have a cool and comfortable ride once again. Get behind the wheel and feel that cool air blowing out of the vents in your car. You’re going to love the feeling when you get back on the road. To make things a little sweeter, we offer some coupons to save you a bit of money on the air conditioning service you need.