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A lot of people are well aware that components in their vehicles play various roles in performance and routine functions. Among the most critical components, particularly as it relates to the electronic aspects of your vehicle—from lights to the radio, and even your air conditioner, much of these electronic components rely on your battery to power them.

 When your car battery finally goes kaput, you’ll need a battery replacement. Battery replacement is important because it ensures that the old battery is disposed of and a new battery (especially the correlated battery) is properly inserted. When you’re unable to identify the right battery and properly perform installation, you can risk additional malfunctions.

 Aside from a firm understanding of battery replacement, our specialists know how to find the right battery for a vehicle, how to properly install it, and most importantly, understand how to confirm if installation was properly performed. While it is possible to do a do-it-yourself battery replacement, you should always have experts perform a battery replacement.

When is it Time for a Battery Replacement?

Too often, drivers realize it’s time for a battery replacement when it’s already too late. When a motorist is on the road and is looking to get where they need to go, oftentimes, the vehicle will spontaneously shut down, and other times, a vehicle will fail to start with the battery light on.

 Sometimes, a corroded battery can also emanate a rotten-egg-like smell while you’re sitting in the car, many drivers smell this prior to a vehicle’s battery going out. If any of these signs are apparent, it’s time for a battery replacement at Jiffy Lube®.

Why Have Jiffy Lube Perform Battery Replacement?

As we previously stated, it is possible to replace a battery in your vehicle yourself. That said, while it is possible to do, you should not conduct a battery replacement by yourself. You should always have a Certified Jiffy Lube® do your battery replacement because only a Certified Jiffy Lube professional will be able to execute a battery replacement to the extent you’ll need to reliably operate the vehicle without any additional battery-related check-ups needed until, of course, your next checkup.