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Oil Change

Driving Your Car Less?  What Should You Do?

Did your job dynamic change from working at an office to working at home?  Are you recently retired and not driving your car as much as before?  Have you moved from the suburbs to an in-town location where you can walk to most of the places you need to go?  If any of these things are true, you need to know what you should do with your vehicle and how often you need to have it taken in for service.

Are You a Low-Mileage Driver?

Most of us drive at least 1000 miles per month, some much more than that.  If your driving habits have changed and you’re no longer driving more than 600 miles per month, you don’t need to have your oil and other fluids changed as often, but you still need to have this service performed.  When you’re a low-mileage driver, you need to check your vehicle regularly because your oil change is not going to be related to the miles driven but to the condition of the oil in your vehicle.

Regular Visits to Jiffy Lube®

When you know that you don’t drive a lot, but you want to keep your vehicle working right when you do need it, you can visit Jiffy Lube® and let them know you need your car checked over.  Stop in at least once a month to check the oil, look at the fluids of your vehicle, check the tires, and look at your brakes.  The Jiffy Lube® team can perform a simple inspection of your vehicle and make sure you are good for another month before you head out.  This will be an affordable visit most of the time and give you the peace of mind you need.

After Several Months, Change the Oil

The oil in your vehicle isn’t going to break down simply by being in your car, but if you don’t drive regularly, more of it may be burned off during the first few minutes on the road than when you do drive every day.  Let the team at Jiffy Lube® change the oil at least every six months, regardless of the number of miles you’ve driven.  In fact, every six months you should have the car put on a lift for a full inspection to make sure the vehicle is still in good working order.

Drive Your Car Regularly

It’s not a good idea to let your car sit for several weeks without being driven.  Most experts suggest your take it out for a drive at least once a week.  Before you do, check your car for furry visitors, especially if it’s cold outside.  Driving regularly will keep everything lubricated and working properly.  When it is time for that oil change or brake service, visit Jiffy Lube® and take advantage of the coupons and discounts offered that will help you save money for the services you need to be performed.