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fall maintenance checklist text with autumn themed backdrop with leaves and car

Autumn is the perfect time to make sure that you are up-to-date with your vehicle inspection checklist. You want to make sure your auto is working properly before the harsh winter weather hits. Whether you take your car to Jiffy Lube or do some of the tasks yourself, the following checklist will help you make sure you take care of everything you need to.

Check the Oil

One of the most important items in any vehicle inspection checklist is to check your oil. This doesn’t just apply to autumn, and you should get in the habit of doing it regularly. If the level is lower than it should be, fill up your oil. If the level seems to be dropping quickly, bring in the car for a professional vehicle inspection to check for leaks.

Check Your Tires

When inspecting your tires, whether during autumn or another time of the year, there should be two crucial tasks on your checklist, the tire pressure and the tread depth.

Remember that your tires naturally lose some air over time. You may need to occasionally increase the pressure. Tread also wears down over time, and if it gets too low, you won’t have enough traction to stay safe on the road. You can use the penny test to see if you still have enough tread depth.

Test All the Signals and Exterior Lights

As autumn continues, the days get shorter, and you will find yourself driving in the dark more frequently. Make sure that other cars on the road can see you by ensuring all your exterior lights work properly. This is also the time to test your turn signals. After all, you want other vehicles and people on the road to know where you are going.

Swap out the Windshield Wipers

Another item on your autumn checklist should be your windshield wipers. Your vehicle inspection should include checking if they are in good shape and replacing them if necessary. You can likely swap out the wiper blades yourself, but some cars will require professional assistance.

While your vehicle inspection is focused on the windshield, check the fluid level for your washer fluid. This is also a good time to confirm that your windshield doesn’t have any cracks or chips.

Check Out Fluid Levels

Your checklist for car fluids should include more than the oil and windshield washer fluid. You also want to check the brake fluid and coolant levels and top them off if necessary. As with other fluids, if the level seems especially low or drops quickly, have a professional vehicle inspection done to check for leaks.

Clean Your Car

Once you complete everything else on your autumn checklist, take the time to clean your car. Cleaning it now will save you the hassle of having to do so in the cold winter months. To keep it in even better condition, wax the car after washing it.

Let Jiffy Lube Take Care of Your Autumn Checklist

While you can likely handle some of the above tasks yourself, others require a skilled mechanic. Our team at Jiffy Lube is happy to assist with all of the services, helping you ensure you don’t forget to check anything important. Schedule a service at a Jiffy Lube branch near you.