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Man Checking Brakes

Eliminating Driver Pain Points For January – Loud Squeaky Brakes

Do your brakes squeak when you slow down or come to a stop? It’s pretty embarrassing to have your brakes make a lot of noise when you slow down. Whether you’re in a car with your family or you’ve got your boss riding along, everyone that hears the noise will wonder what’s wrong with your car. The noise coming from your brakes is a sign that something is wrong, and your brakes need maintenance to remedy the loud squeaks and give you a peaceful ride once again.

Are Your Brake Pads Worn?

One of the most common reasons for loud squeaky brakes is worn pads. Your brake pads have an indicator on them to let you know when they are worn down. While the noise is certainly not preferable to a quiet ride, this noise is a signal it’s time to have your brake pads replaced. Bring your vehicle to the nearest Jiffy Lube Multicare® location and let them replace the brake pads right away. You’ll be back on the road in a hurry and have a fresh set of quiet and reliable brake pads that you can trust when you drive.

Do You Have A Set Of Rusted Brake Rotors?

Another common reason for your brakes to make a loud squeaky noise is the brake rotors have become rusted and worn. Rust and other debris can get between the pad and the rotor and cause an awful noise that you’ll want to get rid of right away. If your brake pads are rusted and worn, you can see the team at your local Jiffy Lube Multicare® location and have the rotors replaced. A fresh set of rotors can give you many years of great driving.

Have You Had To Brake Hard Recently?

There are times you have to slam on your brakes to avoid an accident with another vehicle. This hard braking can cause your brake pads to wear down more quickly. The sudden increase in heat can warp your brake discs and rotors, which can be the reason your brakes are squeaking and making some awful noises. If you hear loud noises coming from your brakes, let the team at a nearby Jiffy Lube Multicare® location review your brakes and see what’s wrong with them.

Brakes Done the Right Way at Jiffy Lube Multicare®

When you have brake issues and you’re tired of the pain of loud squeaky brakes, you need to see the team at your local Jiffy Lube Multicare® location. Only the Multicare locations are equipped to handle brake maintenance and replacements. If you want to have your brakes serviced in a jiffy and get back on the road with a car that no longer makes an awful noise when you try to come to a stop, you’ll be glad to see this team. Bring your car in today and let that noise become a thing of the past.