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If you are in search of top-notch maintenance, look no further than the nearest Jiffy Lube. Our team at Jiffy Lube is highly trained and ready to help you get your auto work done painlessly and quickly. You’ll get great prices and a high level of service when you visit a Jiffy Lube near me.

Take a look at just some of the services available at your nearest Jiffy Lube.

Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change

Jiffy Lube offers an upgraded version of an oil change. The process involves checking, changing, inspecting, flushing, filling, and cleaning your oil and other essential systems. You can choose from various types of oil, and if you aren’t sure which is right for your car, the team at Jiffy Lube near me will gladly help you decide.

Battery Services

Sometimes, you may need battery maintenance and inspection, while other times, you will need to take advantage of battery replacement service. If you aren’t sure whether it is time for a replacement, our technicians will let you know. We can also clean your battery terminals or replace the cable ends.

Engine Services

The engine services you’ll find at the nearest Jiffy Lube are comprehensive enough that you can be sure to find the exact services that you need. From check engine light service to serpentine belt service and replacement to inspection and replacement of your vehicle lights, Jiffy Lube is there to help.

Suspension Service

Taking your car to a Jiffy Lube near me for suspension service means you’ll get more than just an inspection. The team looks at your suspension, struts, and shocks. This service is likely necessary if your car isn’t steering straight, or you notice a great deal of bounce while driving.

Tire Services

You can stick to the basic tire services at your nearest Jiffy Lube or get more involved services if you need them. The technicians can check your tread and pressure to confirm everything is in good shape. Or they can rotate your tires for even wear or repair a flat tire.

Transmission Service

With transmission service, the team at your nearest Jiffy Lube does a complete inspection and servicing for your transmission. This includes flushing and changing the transmission fluid. There are additional services for both automatic and manual transmissions.


Tune-ups are a crucial part of your vehicle maintenance as they help ensure that your vehicle always runs smoothly. This is just one of the regular services you will want to take advantage of at a Jiffy Lube near me.

Other Services

In addition to all of the above services, specials, and inspections, a Jiffy Lube near me also offers:

Fuel system cleaning
Alignment services
Headlight cleaning
Brake service
A/C service
Wiper blades
Antifreeze and coolant services
Filter replacements

Schedule an Inspection or Repairs at a Jiffy Lube Near Me

When you are ready to take advantage of all the services available at a Jiffy Lube near me, go ahead and schedule an appointment. We have more than 60 locations in Florida, Massachusetts, and South Carolina. Whether you need an inspection, maintenance, or repairs, our Jiffy Lube team is here to help.