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Dirty vs. Clean Headlights

Headlight Cleaning

If you’ve been driving on the road—either early in the morning or late at night—and you’ve noticed your headlights appear a little dimmer, your eyes may not be playing tricks on you. Over time, as with most parts of your vehicle, Father Time and wear-and-tear can take a toll and your headlights are no different.

Whether the bulbs are dim, the glass needs a little cleaning, or you may need a full replacement altogether, in years past, swapping out your headlights was a costly and time-consuming process. These days, a thorough headlight cleaning can work the same (if not better) magic of a replacement and as little as one trip, you will already see the seemingly magical effects of a headlight cleaning from a certified Jiffy Lube headlight cleaning technician.

What is a Headlight Cleaning?

As the name suggests, a headlight cleaning is just that—our certified headlight cleaning technicians will thoroughly clean your vehicle’s headlights ensuring you can stay on the road with your headlights leading the way.

Too often, clients will come into other auto shops thinking they need their entire headlight replaced, and of course, the few unscrupulous shops amongst our noble profession will happily oblige. At Jiffy Lube, we’re happy to tell you that it may not be your headlight that’s to blame.

Rather than replacing the headlamp in its entirety, you may just need a thorough headlight cleaning.

How is a Headlight Cleaning Performed?

While many do-it-yourself-styled blogs will tout everything from toothpaste to razor blades for cleaning your headlights, plain and simple, the only way to get the sparkling clean outcome you desire is with a professional headlight cleaning appointment from a certified Jiffy Lube technician.

Using a proprietary mix of solvents and cleaners, we will scrub away grime, grit, and other particulates that are otherwise obscuring your headlight from shining nice and bright. After just one session, you’ll notice a remarkably brighter beam when you need it most.

Light Up the Night With a Headlight Cleaning From Jiffy Lube

Want brighter, better light when you drive at night or in low-light conditions? Schedule a headlight cleaning from Jiffy Lube today!