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There’s nothing quite like driving a brand-new car. The excitement of having the latest technology and safety features, coupled with almost total reliability, is appealing to a driver and car owner. When you have a new car, you’ll also get a dealer warranty, which gives you financial protection if major systems, parts, and components break down. The warranty does require that you keep up on routine maintenance for your vehicle. Your nearest Jiffy Lube is the right place to take care of these services.

An Alternative to the Dealership

Some people think that you can only take your car, truck, van, or SUV to the dealership during the dealer warranty period for service. The good news is that Jiffy Lube can provide many of the services that dealerships offer. You can go to your nearest Jiffy Lube to keep your car running smoothly and maintain your vehicle’s warranty. Some dealerships offer free services during a certain mileage or month range. Once that runs out, you can trust the team at Jiffy Lube to tune up the engine, replace filters and fluids, and handle other important needs for your car.

Budget-friendly Options

When you visit the nearest Jiffy Lube to your home, don’t think you have to spend an arm and a leg to service your vehicle. Jiffy Lube has affordable prices on a wide variety of services. Many of these are comparable to or even less expensive than dealership prices. During the dealer warranty, look for Jiffy Lube coupons and specials on the services that your vehicle needs. You can save money and ensure that your car is in good condition for the road.

The Place for Oil Changes

Your nearest Jiffy Lube focuses on fast, efficient, and excellent service. One of the most common services is the oil change. Over time, the oil in your engine can build up with dirt, debris, and other materials. The oil can become sludgy and hamper the car’s performance. The gas mileage can also suffer. Changing the oil prevents this and enhances how well the vehicle will run. During the dealer warranty period, your new car will require this service about every 5,000 to 6,000 miles.

Rotate the Tires

A dealer warranty won’t cover tires, as this wear-and-tear issue is up to you to take care of. However, if you rotate the tires on your vehicle every 5,000 miles, you can prevent uneven wear. The tires should also last longer and work more effectively. Your nearest Jiffy Lube can take care of this service.

Check the Brakes

Similarly, the dealer warranty won’t pay to replace the brakes, but this is not a service you want to neglect. The technicians at your nearest Jiffy Lube can inspect the pads to see whether it is time for new ones. The team can remove the old ones and replace them with a brand-new set.

Come to Jiffy Lube today for these important services and others. Doing so will keep the dealer warranty intact and help your car run well for many miles ahead.