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antifreeze being poured into a car

Otherwise known as engine coolant, antifreeze is a must-have component in your automobile. Not all antifreezes are created equal, so it’s important to ensure you have the right automotive partners advising you as to the best choices when it comes to choosing an antifreeze for your automobile.

By simply consulting your owner’s manual, you can determine the adequate amount of antifreeze to ensure your vehicle maximizes its performance potential.

What Does Antifreeze Do?

Antifreeze does more than keep your engine from freezing; it keeps it cool, too. Rather than serving as a “pure coolant,” antifreeze is better thought of as a temperature regulator. To keep your engine functioning its best, it’s not about keeping it cold or keeping it warm, per se. Having an engine that’s too cold or too warm doesn’t serve your engine or the invaluable components that comprise your automobile’s anatomy well.

An adequate amount of antifreeze ensures your engine will function and adapt to different temperature changes. But aside from temperature regulation alone, antifreeze will do much to cut down on corrosion as well. Ultimately, antifreeze needs to maintain equilibrium, rather than an extreme of temperatures one way or another.

How Does Antifreeze Work?

Antifreeze mixes with water at a roughly 50-50 balance and is easily poured in the antifreeze reservoir. The most common base chemical is ethylene glycol, and as the phrase “antifreeze” suggests, ethylene glycol is effective at regulating temperature, whether it be cold or hot. Your vehicle’s engine system will passively distribute the coolant ensuring efficient operation no matter the environment.

As long as you keep the adequate amount of antifreeze in your vehicle, it will do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Never Fall Behind On Your Antifreeze Protocol

Like any other component in your automobile, having the right amount of antifreeze is essential. At Jiffy Lube, our certified technicians will keep your engine roaring it’s loudest and proudest with the perfect pinch of antifreeze. No matter your make or model, we will help you find the optimal levels to keep your vehicle performing its best.