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Woman performing transmission service

Your transmission is one of the most critical components of your car, and as such, your routine transmission service appointments should be similarly important. If they’re not, well, you could be setting yourself up (as well as your vehicle) for potential cataclysm down the road.

Here’s why routine transmission service is not only recommended, it’s actually essential to sustaining the viability of your car far beyond the 100,000-mile mark.

The Value of Transmission Service

Plain and simple: the transmission in your car delivers power to your vehicle’s tires. By shifting gears—whether automatically or manually—the transmission delegates a given amount of power to command the tires to rotate faster or slower, depending on the input.

If the transmission on your vehicle fails, you are quite literally powerless to drive. With routine transmission service, you can address the most common pain points frequently found in most automobiles. As with most car-related issues, preventive maintenance is the optimal way to prevent long-term issues as they pertain to your transmission.

Flush & Fluid Change: An Essential Transmission Service

Similar to your engine, your transmission does a lot of work. Because your transmission is one of the prime workhorses under your vehicle’s hood, it needs to be kept cool and lubricated. This is where transmission fluid comes into play. Within the compounds that comprise your transmission’s fluid, particulate-sized additives help provide the cooling properties that are proprietary to the transmission fluid.

Over time, these additives deplete in quantity. As the quantity depletes, so too does the transmission fluid’s ability to regulate temperatures, clean your transmission’s insides, and provide lubrication. To ensure your transmission fluid is always doing its job, flushing the old fluid and exchanging it for new fluid is a must-have transmission service.

But beyond providing this essential transmission service in a one-size-fits-all-type of manner, it’s essential to consult your owner’s manual to put the precise amount of transmission fluid when it comes time for an exchange.

Choose Jiffy Lube for Any Essential Transmission Service

No matter the transmission service you need, our certified technicians are standing by to keep your automobile in the best shape possible. With routine transmission service, we’ll make sure you can proudly enjoy the best automotive experience possible.