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Unless you drive in ultra-cold climates, you may have never experienced the frustration of an engine block that is quite literally too cold to do its job. But beyond the lubricants and oil that fight friction and wear-and-tear, mixtures of water and antifreeze/coolant also do their very best to stave off extreme fluctuations in temperature that could harm your vehicle’s most critical components.

Beyond the coldest of climates, antifreeze/coolant also works hard to keep your vehicle from overheating in the most scorching of conditions. While the liquid mixture that keeps your vehicle operating efficiently goes by different names depending on your region (like the age-old debate between saying “pop” or “soda”), today, the car care experts from Jiffy Lube® will explain why this super-important substance antifreeze/coolant needs to be kept at adequate levels in your vehicle to reliable operation.

Why Do I Need Antifreeze/Coolant?

While the introduction provides a good overview of the essential operational needs of your vehicle that antifreeze/coolant satisfies, there are a few critical operational aspects in particular that greatly benefit from the right amount of antifreeze/coolant.

Don’t Let Cold Keep You Down

In colder temperatures, a lack of antifreeze/coolant would cause your vehicle to lock up and be unable to operate. This is especially problematic in winter time, as snow and other extreme climate conditions will often pile up and completely disable your vehicle. With antifreeze/coolant, it ensures that the freezing point of the water and ethylene glycol mixture in your vehicle does not freeze at the same temperature if it was just water alone.

 This is important, because it means that when you activate the ignition and drive your vehicle, despite the cold temperature, the antifreeze/coolant will keep your car from locking up due to icy cool temperature levels.

Keep Your Car Cool

When temps get hot, your car’s temp gets even hotter. Summer heat can work a number on your vehicle, but with antifreeze/coolant, you can keep your car from overheating when it has to work its hardest. No matter the climate, a Jiffy Lube® Certified Technician will ensure your vehicle has the adequate amount of antifreeze/coolant to operate effectively so you can focus on enjoying the ride and worrying about your antifreeze/coolant less.

Ask About Antifreeze/Coolant at Your Next Jiffy Lube® Visit

The next time you come to your local Jiffy Lube®, ask us about our antifreeze/coolant services. Whether it’s flushing your coolant or upgrading your current levels, we’re always happy to help!