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No matter where you live, nobody wants to drive in a hot vehicle. Being in a hot vehicle is akin to being in a swamp with a cool breeze hitting your face. No matter how breezy it is, it’s still damp and muggy all around! If this hits way too close to home, then you need an A/C service checkup at your local Jiffy Lube®.

It is possible for you yourself to perform A/C service, but even the handiest do-it-yourselfer should consult with Jiffy Lube before going another day in a vehicle with a broken air conditioner. It’s really important to have an understanding of how A/C service is actually performed, because simply flushing coolant or trying to do it on your own may lead to far more problems.

What Are Signs That I Need A/C Service?

When you’re looking to check on your air conditioner, you need to acknowledge the early signs that your air conditioner is clearly failing. One of the most obvious signs that you need A/C service, surprisingly, your air conditioner will turn on, but it simply won’t emit cool air. Your air conditioner should allow you to regulate temperature, both from extreme heat to extreme chill.

However, if you lose the ability to manipulate this temperature gradient, that is an immediate sign that you need an A/C service from Jiffy Lube® to take a look “under the hood” and address the problem at the source. But aside from hot air blowing when it’s supposed to be cold, if you look at your air conditioner compressor, you may observe cracks or other obvious signs of damage.

If the compressor itself is damaged, the entire infrastructure may have to be replaced. if it’s as simple as hot air blowing when it should be cold, that could be a sign that you should definitely take it into the shop and have one of our certified A/C service professionals perform a closer inspection.

Choose Jiffy Lube for A/C/ Service Inspection

If you’re looking to have A/C service performed, you should visit Jiffy Lube®. We will keep you cool—no matter the vehicle you drive!