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When it comes to keeping you and your occupants safe, your brakes play a critical role. Whether it’s last-second braking or just routine stops, you depend on your brakes every single time you hit the open road. Because of the importance brakes play in regard to your safety, the safety of your loved ones, and even other motorists on the road, it pays to get a routine checkup on your brakes at Jiffy Lube®.

When to Check Your Brakes?

Sometimes, knowing when to check your brakes isn’t so obvious. A certified Jiffy Lube® brakes specialist can help you determine when your brakes are failing precisely and accurately. it is also possible to tell if your brakes are about to fail simply by pressing on the brakes yourself. If you notice that your vehicle is not decelerating or decreasing in speed when you apply pressure as you normally would, it is possible that your brakes are catastrophically failing.

Even if the extent of the braking failure is not technically “catastrophic,” you do not want to take a chance with your brakes. Since you count on your brakes to do their job when you need them to, it’s imperative that you make sure your brakes are in full working order. A great time to have a brake check performed is when you come in to have a tire rotation or handle routine maintenance.

Along with other routine measures, having your brakes checked does not take a considerable investment of time whatsoever. This will ensure that no matter the expectations you place upon your brakes, they will perform just as you need them to when it matters most.

Choose Jiffy Lube® for a Brake Checkup

At Jiffy Lube®, our certified brake professionals pride themselves on doing the best work they can, ensuring that you and those you and those who ride along with you are as safe as possible.

 We do a full-scope inspection, and we can verify that you can leave the shop with the confidence that your brakes will perform as needed.