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Closeup timing belt in clean engine

Do Your Belts Need to be Replaced?

Your vehicle uses a lot of parts to take you where you need to go when you take a drive.  Some parts are consumable while others are meant to never need to be replaced in your car.  One item that should be checked and replaced regularly are the belts that run in your engine bay to make sure everything works right for you.  If you need to have one or more of your belts replaced, you’ll need to see the team at the Jiffy Lube® location in your area.

Don’t Forget the Belts

Some cars have multiple belts running things while other have one serpentine belt that makes everything work right together.  When your belts are worn and need to be replaced, its not something you should put off.  If you’re going to take a long road trip, you need to have your car checked before you go.  Have the team at Jiffy Lube® give your car a complete check and tell them not to forget the belts.  You want to know that you’ll be able to take your road trip and come back in one piece with a vehicle that works the right way.

What Parts Use Belts

Nearly everything in your engine bay is attached by the belts that run around inside the area.  The belts look important when they are working and you can see them moving around in the engine.  Most of the time, the belts in your car allow the following components to operate properly:

  • Air Conditioning Compressor
  • Cooling Fan
  • Fuel Injection
  • Power Steering Pump
  • Alternator
  • And Much More

If you want your vehicle to operate properly, you need to make sure your belt continues to be right.  The team at your local Jiffy Lube® store can check your belts for you.

What Happens When a Belt Breaks?

If your belt breaks, comes loose, or is frayed, a lot of bad things can happen in your car.  You absolutely want to be near a Jiffy Lube® service station when your belts break.  You might suddenly see several warning lights if your belts break when you’re driving.  The engine might still work, but your steering might be difficult and some of the functions of your vehicle won’t operate the right way.  Get your belt replaced as soon as you can, you aren’t going very far without the proper belts in your engine area.

See Your Nearby Jiffy Lube® Team Today

There are some items in your vehicle that should be checked on a regular basis.  These items include your tires, brakes, fluids, and belts.  Take a look at every area of your car and make sure your car works the right way every day.  If you don’t want to check these things out on your own, let the team at your local Jiffy Lube® location check all the consumable parts of your vehicle, including the belts.  With their assistance, you can drive with confidence whenever you head out on the road.